Sir Winston – 2023 Full-Year Update

Hi everyone! Last year, I mentioned that a change in RV home might be coming my way. So, I will share what happened in 2023 with you.

full time rv living

I started our year out with Mom and Dad at a park east of Galveston, TX. Mom likes the beach so we seem to be along coastal areas a lot.

full time rv living

When we are traveling, I take over the passenger seat so I can help Dad navigate to places they want to go. When Mom leaves for potty, I rush in and grab my seat. Sometimes, we share the passenger seat.

full time rv living

Dad is a really good RV consultant, given all his experience. He helps other people learn how to start doing the same. Here was one of the first classes of 2023. These people all have the ability to make a six-figure income if they put in the time.

full time rv living

When not running their company, Mom and Dad travel with me to cool places. Here I am at a Bucee’s, getting to meet the Beave. I was a little scared by that big bronze thing! Passers-by thought I was really cute. We were headed to South Florida on this particular trip to pick up our new RV home!

full time rv living

While there, we were able to see the remnants of the Hurricane damage from Ian. Fort Myers was still cleaning up from the damage, and things were starting to get back to normal, but there were still many visible areas that had much work to be completed before returning to normal.

full time rv living

While we were in Fort Myers, Mom and Dad found a place where they could bathe me. It was sure nicer than our RV shower! After being dried off, I sure looked like such a handsome man!

full time rv living

Once at the RV dealership where they were going to trade Miss Thiffy, we got a chance to hang out and wait for the new RV home to arrive. Mom and Dad custom-ordered this one. They had never done that before, but I heard Dad say that this new RV home was a twenty-five-year dream that was being achieved.

full time rv living

We got some pictures of it just before it was getting ready to leave the factory to ship to Florida. They chose a Florida dealership because Florida is their domicile state, and it’s much easier to purchase an RV in the state you call home when full time RV living.

full time rv living

It was exciting to see the pictures from the factory!

full time rv living

We were expecting the RV to arrive in early February. It was two weeks late due to some parts issues and a poor transport driver who took much longer to get the RV to Florida than he was supposed to. It arrived at the dealership on February 24th. The bad thing was we needed to be 1,200 miles away two days later!

full time rv living

Here are Mom and Dad taking possession of the new RV home five hours later. Everyone at the RV dealership did their best to get it ready for us to hit the road for a long drive back to Texas. It took seven hours to get everything out of Miss Thiffy and into our new RV home, JC. It looked like a bomb hit, but at least everything was inside! We left the dealership at 1:30 AM on the 25th.

Dad drove through the night into the next day and another night. By the afternoon of the 26th, we were in Texas for a new group of clients for Dad to teach how to be RV consultants.

full time rv living

Our next stop was to go back to the beach with JC. It was the first pleasure trip and such fun to take on the road. Dad loves the Super C motor home because of the Freightliner chassis’s safety, stability, and serviceability.

The Newmar Super Star has an air ride cab and air ride seats. That, plus rear airbags, adds to a more stable ride than the Class A gasser that we had.

full time rv living

In May, we ventured further south to the beaches of Port Aransas. We had three weeks before more business commitments, so Mom chose that location. I loved it because they rented a golf cart for me to be able to visit the beach and get some wind in my ears while riding with them.

full time rv living

Here I am, hanging out on the back of the golf cart, watching the seagulls fly by.

full time rv living
full time rv living

Mom and Dad wanted to be sure I would not get sunburned, so they had this thing called a Shibumi. You face into the wind, and it is like a horizontal sail that provides great sun protection while being lightweight and easily transportable. It fits in a small bag that goes anywhere. It is so much better than a canopy that can blow away and is hard to put up and take down.

full time rv living

Dad loves to keep the RV and truck looking new, so he likes the ceramic coating products on the market. At the time of this picture the truck was already a year and a half old, and has never been garaged.

full time rv living

In July we were headed to the Newmar factory to have warranty work done on JC. It is very normal for RVs of this level to need tweaking before the warranty period runs out after a year. On the way to Indiana, we stopped in Nashville over the July 4th holiday. It was a nice KOA in that area. It was tight to get into, but the RV sites were nice, close to each other, but nice.

full time rv living

Once in Indiana, we overnighted at a Harvest Host location, north of Napanee, Indiana. THe next day we checked into the Newmar Service Center.

full time rv living

Here’s their large service facility with full-service hookups and coordinated service appointments.

full time rv living

We chose a spot and were to be greeted the next morning by our service advisor, who would be sure Mom and Dad’s list of issues would be addressed. They picked up the RV at 6 AM and returned it at 2 PM. This continued each day during the work week until all issues were corrected.

full time rv living

Mom and Dad caught JC driving through the service center on its way to the spot where it was worked on.

full time rv living

While in the Elkhart, IN, area, I got to meet a fellow Corgi pup. His Mom is friends with my Mom, so we got together and had a meeting of the Corgis.

full time rv living

As we approached the really hot summer months, Mom and Dad took me to an RV Resort with a really nice pool for them to hang out at. It is a relatively new pool, and no one was using it.

full time rv living

The RV sites we nice as well! They enjoyed hanging out in the New Braunfels, TX area for a week.

full time rv living

After that, they headed to Fredricksburg, TX, to hang out in the Texas Hill Country. There are many wineries and distilleries in the area. It was super hot, with temps in the hundreds, so I stayed inside a lot until it cooled off in the evening.

full time rv living

One of my favorite activities is hanging out with Mom and Dad on the patio. I can get in a great nap. I either use the RV park Adirondack chairs or my foldup camp chair.

full time rv living

Because I am into healthy living, which Mom and Dad taught me, I established my Corgi Advisory Board to assist with my efforts. They are always willing to chime in . . . LOL! Mom and Dad use essential oils on me to calm me down when I get afraid. I’m a naturopathic dog.

full time rv living

During the Fall of 2023, we headed to the East Coast. Dad visited with a vendor that he works with to assist in his RV consulting business. We stayed one night in a Harvest Host location before heading to Ashville, NC.

full time rv living

The trees were starting to change color, so the drive on US-40 toward Ashville was very scenic and colorful. The steep grades were exciting, too!

full time rv living

Her’s Dad and me at the Homegauge home office in downtown Ashville, NC. What a cool city. I walked around town with new friends and visited everyone at Homegauge. We even played ball in the big office. Much better than in the RV!

full time rv living

Driving back towards Sevierville, TN was very scenic too.

full time rv living

We hung around Sevierville for a week and checked out the sites. The view from atop the big gondola Ferris wheel was cool.

full time rv living

We finished the year by returning to the beach and spending a few months along the Boliver Peninsula. The weather was cool and windy most of the time, but there were days that reached the low seventies. I hung out on the patio in my chair, enjoying the sunshine.

2023 seemed to go by really fast. Maybe because we were traveling a lot, and the new RV home added to that. I heard Mom and Dad may consult a little less with RV clients in 2024, so we may end up traveling more than in 2023.

Happy Trails and Wagging Tails, everyone!

Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer – Best Motor Home Steering Stabilizer

I’m going to take you through the world of RV steering control, and we’ll start with the Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer. It’s not just an addition to your RV; it’s a game-changer when it comes to your safety and driving experience. Imagine cruising in your motorhome, confident in your rig’s stability, no matter what surprises the road throws at you. That’s the promise of the Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of having a steering control system that’s got your back. With Safe T Plus, you’re looking at a more predictable, commanding ride. This isn’t just about tightening up the steering feel; it’s about guaranteeing a level of performance that keeps you relaxed behind the wheel. At its core, the Safe T Plus is designed to absorb and manage the forces that would otherwise buffet your RV, from strong wind gusts to the buffeting wake of a passing truck.

JC the Super C with Safe T Plus Installed

Our 2023 Newmar Super Star Super C

The technology reinforcing the Safe T Plus Steering Control Bar is based on robust engineering. It’s always active, ensuring that you maintain a straight line, offsetting the common RV gripes of wandering and over-steering. But where it truly shines is in a pinch, literally. In the next section, you’re going to find out about how Safe T Plus rises to the occasion in emergency scenarios—specifically, those nail-biting moments of a front tire blowout.

Enhanced Safety During Tire Blowouts

If you’ve ever experienced a front tire blowout while driving, you know it can be a heart-stopping moment. The Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer shines in such critical situations. With its robust design, this stabilizer immediately goes into action if a catastrophe strikes, helping to maintain control of your vehicle long enough to pull over safely.

Imagine driving your motorhome and suddenly hearing a loud bang as the front tire gives way. Panic can set in as your vehicle lurches unpredictably. But if you’re equipped with a Safe T Plus bar, it works to counteract the steering pull caused by the blowout, significantly reducing the likelihood of veering off the road or overturning.

This isn’t just about keeping the RV straight; it’s about giving you those precious few seconds to regain your composure, navigate the situation, and bring your vehicle to a standstill without incident. This level of control is invaluable, particularly when you consider the size and momentum of a motorhome. And it’s not just an accessory, it’s an investment in the safety of you and your passengers. For many, it’s the difference between a close call and a call for emergency services.

Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer

That’s going to include not just a more controlled emergency stop, but also a boost in driver confidence. Knowing that you have a system in place to support you in unforeseen events can make all the difference in how you handle long drives and challenging conditions. After all, it’s about enjoying the journey as much as the destination and the Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer helps ensure that both are reached safely.

Improving RV Driving Experience

You’re going to find out about how the Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer isn’t just about safety; it also significantly improves the overall RV driving experience. Let’s talk about the difference it makes on the road. Safe T Plus is designed to help RV drivers overcome various challenges that come with driving a large vehicle on unpredictably conditioned roads.

With this device installed, road wandering – that unnerving drifting sensation – becomes a thing of the past. Over-steering, often a camper’s reaction to sudden road changes, is greatly reduced. You’ll feel an immediate difference in how your RV handles, especially in tricky driving situations caused by side winds or when being overtaken by semi-trucks, which is something RV drivers are all too familiar with.

Safe T Plus Installed on a Freightliner M2-106 Chassis

The Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer Installed on Our RV

Bad roads? Not an issue. The Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer keeps your motorhome tracking straight through ruts, potholes, and uneven pavements. Front tire blowouts can be terrifying, but as we’ve discussed, the Safe T Plus bar helps you keep your RV under control long enough to pull over safely.

Going the distance now doesn’t have to mean travel fatigue. The stabilizer eases the strain on your arms and helps you stay focused and alert, making long journeys more comfortable. No matter, if it’s Class A, B, or C motorhomes, leisure vans, custom vehicles, or tow vehicles for travel trailers, Safe T Plus, fits them all.

In my opinion, installing a Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer is one of the smartest moves you can make to enhance your driving confidence and comfort. This smart investment not only promises a smoother ride but also can contribute to prolonging the life of your RV by reducing stress on the steering components.

The addition of the Safe T Plus steering stabilizer to our 2023 Newmar Super Star on the Freightliner M2-106 chassis has made a big difference! There is less worry and more comfort when driving the myriad of questionable highways around the United States.

Lifetime Warranty and Maintenance-Free

I’m going to let you in on one of the biggest selling points for any RV accessory: warranty and maintenance. The Safe T Plus Steering Control Bar isn’t just going to improve your RV driving experience; it comes backed with a promise that speaks volumes about the product’s durability and the company’s confidence in it.

If you want to gauge a company’s trust in its product, look at the warranty it offers. In my opinion, a lifetime warranty isn’t something to glance over. It’s a bold statement. It means that from the moment you purchase the Safe T Plus Steering Control Bar, the company assures you it will last. And guess what? They are ready to replace it for free if it doesn’t meet the mark.

Now, this isn’t just about having a safety net; it’s also about convenience. When I say the Safe T Plus is maintenance-free, I mean it doesn’t require any upkeep on your part. That’s going to include not having to regularly check it or spend extra on upkeep. This is a huge advantage for RV owners who would rather spend their time enjoying the journey than worrying about equipment malfunctions.

I recently had the opportunity to learn of a fellow RV owner who put that warranty to the test, and I’m here to tell you, they passed with flying colors. When you approach Safe T Plus with a warranty claim, don’t worry too much about hassles or hoops to jump through. They will replace the steering control, and they cover the labor, too. This level of customer service is, in my book, what differentiates a decent company from an exceptional one.

You’re going to find out about easy installation next, and I bet that’s another point that will pique your interest. It couldn’t be more straightforward, and I’ll walk you through what that process looks like.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Now, one thing I’m sure you’ll appreciate is the straightforward installation process for the Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer. Imagine being able to enhance your RV’s handling in about an hour, using only the tools from your garage. Well, guess what? That’s possible.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works. You simply bolt on the Safe T Plus unit to your vehicle’s chassis and steering apparatus. The fear of welding, wiring, or drilling? You can leave those behind because there’s none of that involved with Safe T Plus. After securing the unit, you’ll hit the road for a quick test drive to ensure everything is operating smoothly – that’s your DIY quality check.

After your test drive, you’ll be all set to center the unit, which is a key step for optimal performance. Just follow the included instructions, and before you know it, you’ll be navigating those highways and byways with renewed confidence and control.

And when you start thinking about compatibility, Safe T Plus doesn’t disappoint. This stabilizer plays well with an extensive range of RV types – whether you’re driving a Class A, B, or C motorhome, a luxury motor coach, or even hauling your toys in a custom vehicle or toy hauler, you’re covered. They haven’t forgotten the tow vehicles for travel trailers, 5th wheels, or pop-up campers, either.

Ordering your own Safe T Plus is a breeze, with several options to choose from. You can pick one up from an Authorized Safe T Plus dealer, find it at Camping World locations, or simply click your way to purchase through online resellers. And if you’re not the DIY type, no problem. Safe T Plus offers flexible installation services that range from do-it-yourself guidance to full-service installation. Choose something that resonates with you.

Remember, this is about you enjoying the journey in your RV. With Safe T Plus, not only do you get a product that’s easy to install and widely compatible, but you also gain a driving experience that’s smoother, safer, and infinitely more enjoyable.

Complementary Products for Optimal Performance

I’m going to wrap up by highlighting how embracing the Safe T Plus Steering Stabilizer isn’t just about enhancing safety; it’s also about elevating the entire RV experience. When you have the right setup, it all comes together for a ride quality that can change the game for you.

Control RV Sway

Don’t overlook the value of adding complementary solutions like the SuperSteer Motion Control Units. These ingenious little devices work in tandem with your Safe T Plus to combat sway, body roll, and that annoying bounce that can take a toll on your nerves and your vehicle over long travels. It’s this attention to detail that can make your motorhome not just safer but also significantly more comfortable.

Supersteer Motion Control Units on RV Airbags

Supersteer Motion Control Unit Installed on a Motor Home Airbag

Then, there’s the advanced technology of KONI’s frequency selective dampers. You can always adjust your ride preference down the road, but starting with KONI can transform your cruising comfort from the get-go. Their unique ability to filter out the roughness while keeping your rig firmly in control is what sets them apart.

Koni Shocks at all Wheel Assemblies

Koni Shocks Installed on Our RV

Choose something that resonates with you, whether it’s the added stability or the smoother ride, but remember, your first attempt doesn’t need to be your last. The RV lifestyle is all about exploring and enjoying the journey as much as the destination. So why not ensure that the journey is as smooth and secure as possible?

It’s clear that with products like Safe T Plus, SuperSteer, and KONI shocks, there’s a lot of opportunity to upgrade your motorhome’s handling and comfort. A stable RV is a happy RV, and a happy RV means happier travels for you and your loved ones. In my opinion, it’s worth investing in these high-quality enhancements.

I hope that you feel better equipped now to make informed decisions about improving your RV’s steering and suspension systems. Thanks for sticking with me through this exploration of motorhome stability and comfort. If you have any experiences or tips to share on these products, I’d love to hear your feedback—feel free to leave your comments below.

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Sir Winston – 2022 Full-Year Update

SouthPadre Island

2022 Started for us in stormy South Padre Island. A big storm moved in and really tore up the beach. Mom, Dad, and I were in the area for a month starting in December of 2021. It was nice but Mom and Dad decided that they like Port Aransas, TX better, if looking for a beach in Texas.

Rest Stop for Winston

We started flat towing Silver, our Chevy Silverado, on the trip to South Padre. We dolly towed Chevy Chase, our 2018 Chevy Colorado, but it was time for a change due to business reasons.

So Dad has Silver hooked to Miss Tiffy with a Rodmaster Blackhawk tow bar and a air actauted braking system. Dad says flat towing Silver is awesome and loves how it tracks behind the RV.

What a RegalYoung Man

I am such a cute young man and I always like to keep an eye on Dad while he is checking things out during our rest area stops.

Certified NRVIA RV Inspectors

This was Mom nd Dad’s first graduating NRVIA class of 2022. They train people how to be RV inspectors at the NRVTA in Athens, TX. They had a great year in 2022 as hundreds joined the NRVIA ranks. The goal of an RV inspector is to help other RVers get all the information they need to make an educated buying decision before making the purchase, not after.

Inspectors Learning About Fluid Analysis for RVers

Here they are out pulling oil and coolant samples on cars, trucks, and RVs to determine the condition of those fluids. RV inspectors can’t take engines apart to see what’s up, but sending oil and coolant samples to a lab can reveal information about engines and transmissions before buying the vehicle. Afterward it may be too late and also costly!

Dad Sold our Older Work Truck

In late 2021, Dad’s CPA reached out to him and suggested that due to the business set up of the company-owned vehicle, and its affect on corporate taxes, that it was time to replace it. So Dad was excited to go out and purchase a 2022 Chevy Silverado, the one pictured to the left of the Chevy Colorado.

They sold the Chevy Colorado in the first quarter of 2022. It still looked like new when Dad sold it. He always takes really good care of his vehicles!

I Love Cabernet Slaubirgnon

I’m still a toy boy! I destroy all soft toys given to me. But, I have been kinder to my wine bottle toy. I know how much Mom and Dad like Cabernet Sauvignon, so I respect the grapes!

I Love to Help Mom Review RV Inspection Reports!

When Mom and Dad are teaching for the NRVIA, Mom ends up grading a lot of RV inspection reports from student inspectors. And of course, I help! I’m really good at it. Being the Accomplished RVing dog that I am, I can really add value to the reports . . . . . LOL!

Mon and Dad Relaxing in San Antonio

While in San Antonio, Mom and Dad had a chance to enjoy some down time with a great bottle of Cooper and Thief.

Mom and Dad Having a Business Meeting at the Tower of the Americas

They also visited the Tower of the Americas for a business meeting to discuss the S-Corp annual minutes and plans for the rest of 2022. They said it was really awesome being seven hundrd and fifty feet off the ground in a revolving restaurant.

On the Way to Arkansas so I can Learn to be a Pontoon Boat Captain

As summer set in we ventured to Arkansas to enjoy some boating on the many lakes that are around the Hot Springs area. Dad, having grown up on the water loves boats! So when he can he rents tritoon boats as they are roomy, fast, and very stable.

I was a captain in training on this trip down river. Here I am behind Dad watching how to navigate the boat.

Navigator in Training: Sitting Behind Dad, Watching Closely

Once I felt ready, and Dad trusted me, he let me take the captains chair. But Houston, we have a problem! I can’t reach the controls. Da knew that but he didn’t want to discourage me. But don’t I look cute in the drivers seat?

Hey Dad, I can’t reach the Steering Wheel, Legs are Too Short!

The next day Mom and Dad rented a tritoon for a day and ventured around on another lake. I stayed home because it was warm and the day would have been too long for me. So I let them go play by themselves. Someone has to guard the RV!

Another Day, Another Boat!

On another summer trip, we went to Fayetteville, AR. There is great biking in the area as well as some great scenic opportunities.

Hanging out in Fayetteville, AR

I love when I get a chance to ride in Silver. The back seat is all mine. I am strapped in so I can’t get in trouble and also for safety.

I Love My Seat in the Truck. I Have it All to Myself!

In the heat of summer, around July 4th, we hung out in Waxahachie, TX. It was a time of relaxation and some RV maintenance. Since it was so hot, I just hung out in the RV. We would sit out early while it was cooler, but during the day we were in the high nineties. With my heavy fur coat that is not my favorite temperature.

Hanging out in Waxahachie, TX

While in town Mom and Dad found Prime 115. They said it is a great restaurant! The food and service are top notch: a true dining experience. Check it out if in the old part of the town of Waxahachie, right by the old court house.

Mom and Dad Love to Talk Business, Even When Enjoying a Great Meal!

By late summer I was due for a tune up. Here I am in the Vet’s office. Since I was a baby, and even though Mom and Dad travel the country, they always bring me back to the Athens Animal Clinic. I still get nervous, though. That’s why my tongue is hanging out so far.

At the Vet For a Checkup

One of the joys of being hooked up and having a Ford F53 V-10 Triton gas engine is finding places roomy enough to fill up. Pilot and Flying Js with RV lanes work great! Being over sixty feet long, we need room to negotiate around gas stations. We have tried other gas station chains, but this seems to work best for us.

Time to Fuel Up!

All set up to enjoy the outdoors!

Hanging out in Branson, MO

In late summer, we ventured to Branson, MO, to enjoy some more boating and the shows in the area. Mom and Dad say they really enjoy the Texas Tenors. They also went to see the Jesus Show, which they said was amazing: live animals and theatrical excellence.

More Boating!

Mom and Dad found a big chair!

Boating With a Good Friend!

One of our good friends and a business associate came to join us for a day on the lake. The beauty of being self-employed!

The Texas Tenors

Dad took a photo of the Texas Tenors doing their thing! I get to hear them when Dad plays their music when we sit outside the RV and enjoy life under the RV awning.

Get That Camera Out of My Face; I’m Tired!

Sometimes I get snarky when Dad sticks that camera in my face! I’m pretty shy, but what can I do? I am just such a cute young man!

Hanging out in Corpus Christi

In the fall, we hung out in Corpus Christi at the KOA. We had a nice site at the end, with a great view of Corpus Christi Bay.

I Love Sleeping by the Solo Stove!

I love a good campfire, and Dad builds a great one using our Solo Stove. Once he gets it up to temperature, it is smokeless and beautiful! I love to nap by the fire. I never smell like smoke due to this unique portable fire pit.

What a Cool Sun Shade!

For the ultimate beach experience, we tried out this new sunshade by Shibumi! It’s the coolest thing. I was out of the sun and could enjoy another great nap while serenaded by the ocean waves.

There’s Me, Taking a Nap under the Shibumi!

I love to ride in golf carts! It’s a new favorite thing to do. I enjoy the wind in my flaps while zipping around Port Aransas. I can’t wait to go back!

I Love Riding in the Golf Cart!

Mom and Dad took me to Crystal Beach in December, and we hung out at a really nice new park called Camp Margaritaville. A Newmar Super C pulled in behind us, and from what I heard, it sounds like one may be in my future. More to come!

A Change is in the Wind!

Come back and visit me again! I’ll have an update posted before spring arrives.

Sir Winston – Full Time RV Late Fall 2021 Update

Hi everyone! It has been a busy year for this Corgi! I continue to enjoy the full time RV living life with Mom and Dad. I miss Lindsey, but now I get all the attention. I also have to guard Mom and Dad by myself and that’s hard because I am afraid of my own shadow.

“I’m such a baby!”

Biloxi, MS

After our trip to Tiffin in Red Bay, AL Mom and Dad took me back to Gulf Beach RV Resort. We had stayed there in 2020, but since we got chased out by a tropical storm, we went back to use an RV site credit. Mom and Dad enjoyed sitting on the deck enjoying the beach view and afternoon cocktails. I joined them too because fur-kids were allowed on the deck.

“Mom and Dad enjoying a bottle of Vino with me.”

Mom and Dad coined the phrase “Wednesday’s Wine with Winston” during our stay at Gulf Beach. It was great! I got to sit on the deck and drink wine with Mom and Dad . . . . . no, not really. They drank wine and I watched. I miss my Sis-fur, but I sure love all the attention I get these days!

After we left Gulf Beach RV Resort we traveled 30 miles east and stayed at the Silver Slipper RV Resort and Casino. They have a small RV park right on the water and about a half-mile from the Casino. Mom and Dad were not there to gamble, just sit on the beach and enjoy the view.

Parked at Silver Slipper Casino RV Park
The view of the casino in the distance
The view out the window

Our RV home was parked so that we could look out the window and see the ocean view all day long. It was great until a storm developed off the coast of Louisiana and brought 45 mph steady winds a day before we were supposed to leave. I was scared! It felt like the RV was going to roll over with the additional gusts of wind.

The next morning heavy rains were forecast, so Dad braved the wind and we abanded our beach location to head inland along I-10 in Gulfport, MS where we waited out the storm. Good thing too! The area got six to eight inches of rain. We parked in the rest area near the Innis Space Center and hunkered down for the night. After all that it was time to travel back to Athens to resume teaching activities at the NRVTA.

Galveston Island, TX

Our next adventure was to head back to Galveston Island where we stayed at Stella Mar RV Resort. We have been there before and decided to go back because of its close proximity to town and the ability for Mom and Dad to ride their e-bikes instead of taking the truck. They were able to ride all the way down to the north end of the island on the sea wall bike path system. I heard them say it was a really nice way to enjoy the ocean view and get some exercise.

I think they also went shopping the same way. Walmart was only a few miles down the road.

While there they took me on a ferry ride, in the truck, over to the Bolivar Peninsula. It’s about a twenty-minute ferry ride. It was a windy day so it was a nice ride: lots of wave action to enjoy.

“We had a great view upfront”
“Here I am waiting to get on the ferry”
“It was a windy day! How embarrassing!

Because we were approaching the Memorial Day holiday on this trip out, Stella Mar was booked and we were unable to stay on the island, so we had to move to a new location. Mom and Dad chose an RV park southeast of Houston called Jetstream RV Park. It’s near the Houston Space Center. Mom and Dad have not been there before so they thought this might be a good time to visit. I heard them talking about their visit and how cool the place is.

“Miss Tiffy at Jetstream RV Park”
“One of the few fully assembled Saturn 5 Rockets on display”
“This is how the Space Shuttle got a free ride”

And of course, even though Mom and Dad are out traveling when they are not teaching at the NRVTA, they also did some business while they were in the Houston area. There are always people who need consultations about RV life no matter the area we visit.

Branson, MO

During the summer months, Mom decided to avoid the busy beach during the summer months and travel north instead. We went to three locations during that trip. But, before getting to Branson, MO, Dad got a call to assist a client on the way through Arkansas. So on July 4th, I spent the night in the RV parked in an RV dealership. Mom and Dad were going to inspect an RV the next day and offer a walkthrough for the new RV owner. I heard it went well, and I did get to meet their client after the process was completed. The client came by the RV to meet me.

We stayed in Branson, MO for a week at Branson Musicland Campground. It looks like it was an old KOA that was sold to another owner. It was located on a really hilly property, so when you enter, everything is downhill from there. Wow, what a climb getting out. I really got a workout when Mom walked me around that place.

“Our RV site at Branson Musicland Campground”

Dad said it was nice in that it was in close proximity to everything, so like their time in Galveston they did use the e-bikes a fair bit to get around.

“The Titanic Museum was cool!”

There is a lot of entertainment options in the area so they went to see the Texas Tenors one evening and said that was very enjoyable. They also rented a pontoon boat on one of the nearby lakes for a day on the water. They told me afterward I could have come, but I don’t think I would have liked it. The owners at the boat rental place said they love dogs and allow them onboard. Maybe next year I’ll give it a try.

“Mom and Dad enjoying a day on the lakes around Branson”
“The Texas Tenors are awesome”

There is a place near Branson called Top of the Rock that they decided to visit while in the area. You can rent a golf cart and you go on a two and a half-mile journey through caves and by waterfalls while enjoying the landscape of the area. Dad said that was really fun! After that, they walked around the area to see the unique golf course that is there. Dad said he’d like to get his balls on those greens . . . oh, golf balls I mean.

“Inside the cave at Top of the Rock”
“The golf cart path system that tours the area”
“The falls are beautiful”
“Mom and Dad capturing a Kodak moment”
“Cool bridges over the caverns and streams”

Fayetteville, AR

After Branson Mom and Dad wanted to visit Fayetteville, AR because of the great bike trail system they have in the area. There are miles of trails that go through and around the city. We stayed south of Fayetteville in Hog Valley RV and Treehouse Resort. From there, they were able to bike into town and even go north of town, all on paved bike paths. They said they biked about thirty miles that day.

Our RV site at Hog Valley”
“I always seem to end up on picnic tables for pictures”

They said they might take me back there again because they liked the area.

And, as usual, they did some work while in the area. Another client requested they assist him with his RV purchase decision by checking out an RV that was forty miles south of where we were staying. So, I got to stay home alone and guard the RV while they did their work.

Hot Springs, AR

The last stop on this trip was in Hot Springs, AR. This time they stayed at Catherines Landing. It’s an RV Resort below the Dam on Lake Catherine. And since they had so much fun with the pontoon boat in Branson, they decided to rent another one, a tritoon for the day. It’s a pontoon boat with three pontoons. They said it had a 175 hp motor and really went fast! I would have been scared I think.

Our RV site at Catherines Landing RV Park”
“Dad says he really liked this pontoon boat! It went really fast.”

The rest of the time they just hung out with me and as usual, did some work while in the area. After our time there it was back to the NRVTA!

Fremont, WI

Our late summer trip was to visit family in Fremont, WI. Mom’s brother lives in a small town surrounded by lakes. Mom and Dad love to visit the area because that’s where Pam grew up, and there are boats there too. Mom’s bro has a tritoon boat that Mom and Dad got to take several excursions on. In the Fremont area, you can go from lake to lake and travel many miles, even into Green Bay if one feels so inclined.

“Here I am traveling and watching Dad navigate the RV home. And, I have plenty to drink when I need it . . . LOL!
“Our RV Home parked on the Mitchell property enjoying a little mooch docking”
“A great view and evening camp fire”
“Hanging out with the family”

Mom also got to spend time with her niece and who was getting married a few weeks after our visit. It was nice they could get to see her because they could not make the wedding due to previous HMRVI company commitments.

We got to park the RV right on their property with water and electric service. The view was great and the two weeks there were very relaxing for us all.

Corpus Christi, TX

As we got into October, Mom and Dad wanted to head back to the beach so they went to Corpus Christi, TX for a week. They wanted to go directly to Port Aransas, TX, but Sand Fest was going on so the RV parks in town were booked solid.

They decided to try the Corpus Christi KOA in the area. It is a little over a year old and looked nice. It’s right on the bay just the other side of Mustang Island, so it still had nice water views. The park was in close proximity to a large HEB grocery store and other large chain stores.

“Our RV site at Corpus Christi KOA”
“And here I am on another picnic table”

Dad decided to try an Apple product again, so he ordered a Macbook Pro for his business and decided to pick it up at Best Buy while in the area. Then he spent the week setting it up for business instead of paying attention to me. I was getting quite upset over this rejection, but I got over it. I know he’s busy and has things to get done in order to keep his business growing.

Port Aransas, TX

After a week in Corpus Christi, TX we all headed south in the RV home, towing Chevy Chase, and went to Aloha Beach RV Resort in Port Aransas, TX. It was just as Sand Fest was ending, and Mom and Dad were able to ride their e-bikes along the beach and see the sand sculptures that were still there. They said they were pretty amazing.

“Our RV site at Aloha Beach RV Resort”

They love the area because on the island, and near the town, there are so many places to get to by bike. So again, I got to spend a lot of time by myself. Ho-hum! The life of an RV traveling Corgi!

“A relaxing afternoon enjoying the beach”

And of course, Dad was conducting his business activities during non-play times. He has purchased a device for the RV that will help reprogram the shift points of the transmission to help improve drivability. I think it may help me to get a better nap during travel days. I’ll let you know during my next update.

I also heard Mom and Dad say we are headed back to the beach for a month over Christmas, but I am not sure yet where we are going, so I’ll post again next year when I get a chance to get the computer out of Dad’s hands so I can use it. LOL!

Until next time, Winston out!

Sir Winston Churchill – RV Corgi Late Winter 2021 Update

So, I wanted to update how our experience went at the Tiffin Service Center and Campground getting Miss Tiffy’s warranty work completed.

After the ice storm that occurred almost a week after we arrived, we were left still waiting to get into a service bay. The Tiffin Warranty Center was closed the entire week due to the ice storm. It left roads coated with a thick layer of ice that remained for days.

It took a warm front to come through to get rid of the ice and make the roads passable again so the Tiffin workers could get to work and be able to fix the RVs that were waiting for them. By the time we got called to a service bay, there were seventy two more people that were waiting behind us.

The Tiffin Service department told us that they can handle one RV a day in a service bay, maybe more, maybe less depending on how many warranty items need to be repaired.

Waiting For Service

It took Mom and Dad two weeks of waiting before they got into service. Once there it took three more days to get most of the work completed. We had to move the RV into the service bay each day and then leave the RV due to the human Covid thing. I wanted to stay in the RV, and the service guys did not mind, but Mom was afraid that I would be scared when they started using power tools so I went with them to the nice waiting room they have for Tiffin owners.

One thing that Mom and Dad noticed while they were at the warranty center was that each weekend, somewhere between forty and sixty RVs would show up for service. And the winter season is supposed to be the slow time of year! What that means is people can probably expect to wait for one to two weeks with that kind of traffic. If fewer RVs show up each week, the service department can get caught up.

Being a very smart Corgi, one would have to ask, why are so many RVs showing up each week for warranty work? Why didn’t the dealership that these RVs were purchased at take care of these items? Why do so many RVs need this much warranty work? An inquiring Corgi wants to know!

Quality Issues

I have heard Mom and Dad say that Miss Tiffy Two is not nearly as well built as Miss Tiffy One. Their first Tiffin was a 2016 and this one is a 2021. The difference in some of the quality in the build is certainly noticeable! One of the main issues Dad had, and he was really upset about this, is the paint quality. Some areas have a nice layer of clearcoat, and others right next to those areas are more like an orange peel finish. He felt this was not up to Tiffin’s standards from years ago.

In fact, while we were picking up Miss Tiffy Two from the RV dealership in Florida last year, Dad commented to the onsite Tiffin Rep his disappointment with the paint compared to our previous Tiffin RV. The Tiffin Rep told us if you want better paint we would have to spend another couple of hundred thousand for it. Wrong answer!!

Talking to Other Tiffinites

While we were at the Service Center waiting to get into a service bay, Mom and Dad had chances to talk to other Tiffin owners with new RVs also waiting to get into a service bay. They had Tiffin RVs that were more expensive then ours and the full body exterior paint was not any better. Dad went looking around at other 2021’s that were waiting for service and he said he was shocked that someone would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for an Allegro Bus and get that kind of paint job.

The owners he was talking to agreed. In fact, it was the paint department that was so backed up we could not wait any longer to get our issues addressed. We needed to leave after three weeks because we were all tired of waiting around in a parking lot and having to be without our full time RV home all day.

Ran out of Gas!

Of course, to add to all the frustrations of the ice, snow, and cold weather, trying to get propane in Red Bay Alabama is a real chore. Dad had to drive anywhere from five to thirty miles to fill up his propane tank. The ASME tank on the motorhome was almost empty, so it was a good thing Dad had already added and extend-a-stay system so that he could use an external DOT cylinder to feed the propane system. But even with a 40# tank, and the furnace running a lot, we needed propane every day or two because of the below freezing temperatures.

The day after the ice storm Dad wound up driving on roads that were a sheet of ice. He said he crawled along at fifteen miles an hour to go get propane se we could stay warm. Our electric heaters were just not enough when its in the teens at night, not to mention keeping the plumbing from freezing.

Without the furnace running, Dad would have had a hard time trying to keep the plumbing bay, water lines, and tanks from freezing. So, they had to leave me home alone and go find someone that still had propane (suppliers ran out) to fill our external propane tank.

Soft Corgi, Warm Corgi, Little Ball of Fur!

To Sleep and Protect!

While they were out doing that I would curl up in my bed and enjoy a nice nap while keeping warm.

As the ice and snow started to melt, and then refreeze at night, our RV home sunk into the melting ice. After a day or two of that, the RV was frozen in four inches of ice because all the snow had blocked the water from escaping. It took a few days of much warmer weather to get the RV out, and once Dad did, we moved to another RV site that had better drainage.

After four days of much warmer weather, and temperatures that stayed above freezing, all the ice and snow disappeared. At that point it was just a distant memory of something I don’t think they want to repeat again.

It Appears the Service Center is Always Busy!

Mom and Dad went to Red Bay in the winter months hoping it would not be busy so they could get in and out of there faster. Well, that did not happen. I guess everyone else with Tiffin RVs and warranty issues had the same idea.

So, I am back at the NRVTA right now catching up on my sleep while Mom and Dad teach RV inspector classes. I am lonely because I don’t have Lindsey anymore to keep me company. I know Mom and Dad have to work to keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to. LOL But I miss them when they are not with me all day like we were the past three weeks.

Last year they would teach an RV inspector course for a week and then have five weeks off to spend with me. This year, because this has become such a big thing, they are teaching classes four weeks in a row and then have three weeks with me.

Oh well! That’s the life of this traveling Corgi. I heard Mom say we are off to the beach next. Time to get sand in my paws!

Until next time!


Sir Winston Full Time RVing Corgi Winter 2021 Update

Hi everyone! Winston here. This RVing Corgi update has been saved for Lindsey to write since she is the senior Corgi in our family. But I am saddened to say she went over the Rainbow Bridge on February 3rd, at 2:56 PM CST.

She had a good life and spent her years traveling the country with Mom, Dad, and Maya, and then me when Maya went over the Rainbow Bridge back in 2013. Lindsey was with Mom and Dad all of their full time RV life that started in 2008.

I am a newcomer to the whole thing but have been with Mom and Dad for a little over two years now. I have been the biggest spokesdog for their business and even have my own Facebook page.

Lindsey lived to a ripe old age of sixteen years and seven months. She had pretty bad doggie dementia, had to wear diapers, and had all kinds of other issues too. The vet felt she had no quality of life. So, bye-bye my sis-fur! I’ll miss you even though you were always trying to bite me. Even in her old age, even though she could not see or smell, she would snap at me with her teeth. She did have an evil streak.

So, now it is my responsibility to post updates to Mom and Dad’s full time RV living website.

It was a busy Fall for Mom and Dad as they had lots of RV inspection classes that they have been teaching since getting back to Athens, Texas with Miss Tiffy Too. We did manage to get away again several times to visit the gulf coast of Texas. Galveston Island is only a day’s drive from Athens so short trips to the beach are fairly easy. Mom and Dad prefer Port Aransas, but that is almost twice as far. That’s not usually a big deal but with Covid and other concerns, Galveston had to do.

Since getting Miss Tiffy Two, we have put about 3,500 miles on her. Dad is really enjoying the Liquidspring system that is now being installed in Tiffin gasser motor homes. It makes the ride of the Ford F53 chassis so much more comfortable. With the three ride choices of sport, normal, or comfort mode, I am so much more comfortable. I am the one riding on the floor and not in a big comfy seat. Although I have been hanging out in Mom’s lap lately.

“Aren’t I cute?”

I am so spoiled, just as I should be! It could also be that Mom is still missing Lindsey and I am the fortunate benefactor of her need to hug a Corgi. It’s all good!

At the time of my writing this post, we are in Red Bay, Alabama at the Tiffin Service and Warranty Center. We are here for issues that need attention on our full time RV living home. Dad created this really cool RV inspection report so the service center would have a clear understanding of what needs attention. This is the same thing he does for his RV clients. It’s like a home inspection for an RV.

Unfortunately, an ice storm moved in. From what I have heard Mom and Dad say, the whole country was in a frigid state. Even the state of Texas, for the first time ever, the entire state was under a winter storm warning. Our RV home was covered in ice!

“This picture was taken just before the major ice storm moved in.”

That’s a thin layer of ice on the road. It got worse before it got better!

“The bank next door to the Service Center”
“The Service Center Office”

When you show up for warranty work at the Tiffin Service Center and Campground, you check in and wait to be called for service. They do not take appointments. To stay onsite, the verbiage that is printed in their welcome packet states, “to stay at the onsite campground you must be within the first year from the original date of purchase.” Otherwise you have to stay at one of the nearby RV parks that are in Red Bay.

Since we meet those parameters, we stayed at the onsite Allegro Campground. We checked in on a Tuesday, and by Friday we had moved up from thirteenth on the list to ninth. We had to stay the weekend and through the ice storm which hit on a Monday. The service center was closed on Monday because of the ice storm, so we just had to wait. We thought about leaving and heading south, but it was pretty much the same everywhere that was within a few day’s drive, so we just stuck it out.

Check the next post when it becomes available. I will let you know how it all turned out!

Lindsey Full Time RVing Corgi Summer 2020 Update

Greetings from Lindsey, the full time RVing Corgi! Since my Winter and Spring updates, I have traveled another 3,000 miles in our RV home. COVID lockdown eased up a little, so Mom and Dad felt it was safe to venture out again.

full time rv living

While out traveling the country I noticed something really weird. I have seen dogs that are muzzled, but now all the humans are muzzled. We were parked at a Walmart in Louisiana and everyone going into the store was muzzled. I wonder what they did? LOL Dad said it was because of the COVID thing.

Well, I turned sixteen in July! That is like 112 human years. I can’t see much anymore and I can’t hear much either. Dad has to type for me now as I just can’t do it anymore. I am pretty old for a Corgi! I am three years past the average life expectancy for my breed.

I wear my diaper all the time. I pee in it every day. I just can’t control my bladder. Dad says humans come into the world wearing diapers and some go out the same way. It’s just a fact of life. I spend my days sleeping, eating, and soiling my diaper. What a life!

full time rv living
“Getting in a good nap!”

Back to my recent travels. Mom and Dad packed up the RV and we hit the road again. They wanted to go back to the beach and visit some RV dealerships to check out the new models.

We went back to Lazydays in Seffner, Florida. We have been there many times. Mom and Dad have purchased two RVs there. I did not think they were there to get another one because we have only had Miss Tiffy, our 2016 Tiffin Allegro Open Road, for two years. I have heard them say so many times how perfect she is for our full time RV living.

full time rv living
2016 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36LA – “Miss Tiffy”

The only downside is the cargo carrying capacity of 2,600 pounds and the ride when traveling on rough roads, like in Louisiana. Other than that, Miss Tiffy works perfectly for us.

What I found out later is that Dad was doing some research and discovered the new Tiffin Allegro Open Roads now come with the Ford F53 chassis with the Liquidspring option. What that means is the vehicle does not ride on leaf springs on the drive axle, but on compressed liquid. It is an adaptive system that controls ride comfort and stability.

full time rv living
No Leaf Springs!
full time rv living
Liquid-filled Pistons that auto adjust for improved ride!

That sounded great to me because Winston and I get our teeth pounded when we travel on rough roads!

People have asked Mom and Dad why they don’t buy a diesel motorhome. From what I can tell they don’t want a rear engine motorhome, they don’t want the extra maintenance cost of the diesel chassis and fuel, and Dad is a fan of the Ford chassis. It’s easy to maintain and it travels well.

Well, Dad talked Mom into upgrading to a 2021 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36LA, just like Miss Tiffy, but with many improvements that they wanted: the Liquidspring chassis, more carrying capacity, better ride, a bigger inverter, onboard solar, and a few interior and furniture improvements. Also, everything is now controlled by the Spyder touchpad system.

So, for the fourth time in my life, I had to deal with the change of moving into another RV. This time was not too bad because the floorplan is the same so given my limited sight, I can still get around okay.

But, lets talk about the Lazydays experience. Last time, Dad said he would never go back there again after buying Miss Tiffy one. The salesman was terrible, the process of getting the RV was laborious, and the lack of communication during the sales process was terrible.

However, the one they wanted was only available at Lazydays in Seffner, Florida. Dad contacted a salesman there and had a discussion about the last encounter and asked if his approach would be better than the last guy. He said it would.

So Dad decided to give Lazydays one more try. So we drove from Texas to Florida to go see our new home. After three days of travel we were back in our domicile state. We stayed in the Lazydays campground which made it easier to interact with the process of transferring to Miss Tiffy Too.

We met our salesman and arranged the steps needed to get Miss Tiffy Too delivered to us in a few days. When Mom and Dad first saw her she was in the service bay getting her pre-delivery inspection and repair. From there she would go to detail, and then the delivery lot for us to take possession.

So far it all sounded like we were doing much better at Lazydays then the previous purchase experience. We were shuttled through the different departments to get things set for transferring to the new RV. On the appointed day we went to the delivery lot and parked Miss Tiffy One next to Miss Tiffy Too.

full time rv living
Miss Tiffy Too on the Left – Miss Tiffy on the Right
full time rv living
Miss Tiffy Too

We were joined by a guy who was to do our delivery walk through. For Mom and Dad that was not really necessary because after twelve years of full time RV living, being RV inspectors, Dad an RVIA registered technician, the only thing that was problematic was the new electronics package. Dad walked around with the guy and checked the RV inside and out and created a repair list for the service department to address before they left the dealership.

After two days in the delivery lot Miss Tiffy Two was headed back to the service bay to fix things the technician did not catch the first time. After four hours in the bay everything was addressed except two issues.

So it was back to the delivery lot to wait for service in a day or two. Our service advisor assigned to us was not the brightest tool in the box. He was a nice guy but unable to steer the process to its logical conclusion.

On the day we were to go back to the service department for the remaining repairs, we had to abandon the RV and hang out in the service waiting room. It is a comfortable place with access to food, drinks, bathrooms, and a place for me and Winston to hang with Mom and Dad.

After six and a half hours of waiting, and no word from the service department, Dad went searching for an update. It turned out nothing had been done, and it was now three thirty in the afternoon. The service department would be closed soon.

At five-thirty, there was no service advisor, no one around in the huge building except for the folks in the sales area. Dad went looking for the RV and found it in a distant service bay, wide open with all our stuff in there, no electricity, the unit at ninety-six degrees inside, and the residential fridge at forty-five degrees. All the service personnel was gone.

Dad now came unglued and had to raise a stink to get some attention. The elusive service advisor showed up and apologized for the situation. But it was now really clear, the service department is completely unable to handle the demand with new RVs being so problematic coming from the factory with service issues.

Dad went to the service bay where Miss Tiffy Too was and drove the RV over to the where Mom, Winston and I were waiting to get back into our RV home. It was now a raging rain downpour. We went back to the delivery lot where we had electic and water service and waited to hear when we would have to return to get our service issues addressed.

One thing Dad told the salesman when he started the process was to not let the detailers touch the RV paint. The last time Sundial Limited scratched the clearcoat with swirl marks. As it turned out, they did the same thing on Miss Tiffy Too even though they were told not to. Somone at Lazydays service even added to wax the RV on the service ticket. Dad said you never put wax on new paint that has not cured yet. That was a whole other issue!

At this point Dad did not want the service department to touch the RV due to his lack of confidence in their ability to fix anything in a quality manner. One major problem left was that there was a water leak in the kitchen roof vent. The manufacturer put so much sealant around the vent that it was forcing water through the vent hinge.

They did solve that problem but did not fix the problem of the vent fully opening. The service department reminds me of chickens running around with their heads cut off.

Dad said the whole process, from start to finish was mixed with periods of extreme frustration. Most of these issues were due to a lack of communication and the service department’s ability to handle the workload. Dad says it also appears the service technicians just don’t really seem to enjoy what they are doing. They are just going through the motions.

He also observed they can’t be doing to bad as there were lots of Mercedes and Corvettes hanging out in the techs parking area. Their service rates are sure expensive!

I had to share that story because Mom and Dad were extremely upset and frustrated over the whole process to get their new RV. But, I did notice the difference between Miss Tiffy One and Miss Tiffy Too right away. When we finally were able to leave the dealership after two weeks, and we hit the road, due to the Liquidspring chassis, the ride was so much better. I am now able to get better naps during travel days. LOL

Mom and Dad did get to the beach. They went to the Gulf Beach RV Resort in Biloxi, MS. It is a newer park that Dad found. It is right across from the beach and has great beach views from the pool and the large party deck.

full time rv living
Beach View From the Party Deck
full time rv living
Site #20 at Gulf Beach RV Resort

Now that we are back at the National RV Training Academy I can settle back into my life of sleeping twenty-three hours a day. Mom and Dad are busy with teaching classes and other business activities so they leave me alone. LOL

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on me!

Happy RV Travels!


Acurite Weather Station – A Must for RVers

What is the best indoor outdoor wireless thermometer? Not only that, which one would be a great choice for those of us enjoying full time RV living? Could it be the Acurite weather station?

acurite weather station

One thing Pam and I like to keep aware of as we travel is the temperature outside the RV. We also want an accurate reading of the indoor air temperature as well. When it gets cold out we also like to know what the temperature is in our critical bays: plumbing and water storage.

If these bays reach freezing temperatures, bad things could happen to the RV plumbing, the water pump, the water lines, and water valves. This might create immediate problems and also possible future problems as cracks in water lines create leaks.

Now, we don’t stay in cold climates, we avoid snow, and we don’t winterize the RV because we keep south of the freeze line. But we all know that weird weather events occur and it seems lately at least once a year we wind up with freezing temperatures for a few nights a season.

So for us, it is critical that we monitor the temperatures down in our storage bays where water services are present. We also want accurate temperature and humidity readings for both indoor and outdoor values.

After some research and previous experience with the Acurite product that we had for ten years, we decided to upgrade to a new Acurite wireless weather station. We owned a more basic model sensor system for ten years and relied upon it to give us an accurate reading of the outdoor temperature in our plumbing bay.

Now that technology has improved, the Acurite wireless weather stations have multiple sensors allowing for more data recording. We opted for a new three-sensor system so we could monitor data from different areas both inside and outside the RV.

acurite weather station

We have had several situations since we started full time RV life back in 2008 where we thought it would never get below freezing, and certainly not snow, but a few years back we were parked on the beach in the panhandle of Florida, and we woke up to temperatures in the teens!

Iced up RV Sidewall

The side of the RV was iced over and we could not even get out of the RV. I had to take a hairdryer to the door to get it open. Once we did that, then we had to deal with our RV steps that were like a skating rink. I used the hairdryer on those too.

That particular day the temperatures never got above freezing. This kind of event has happened to us each year we have been out on the road even though we were in areas that don’t normally see those kinds of temperatures. Global warming I guess. After a few episodes like that, it got to be standard practice to place a work light in the plumbing bay to keep the temperatures above freezing. But I still did not know if my efforts were successful!

Back in 2010 I found an Acurite wireless thermometer that I could place a sensor in the outside plumbing bay and be able to read those temperatures inside the RV. Once I had that I felt more comfortable when the temperatures went below freezing and that I was okay.

Now some of you may be thinking, but RVs have heat to their plumbing bays. Some do and some don’t. It depends on how much money you spend on the RV and if it is designed for full time RV living. We have had three different RVs in our years on the road since 2008, and each one fulfilled our needs at the time we owned them.

But, one of them did not have heated bays, and that one was of the most concern when we wound up with two inches of snow, and cold temperatures, in an area that rarely saw snow. My work light in the exterior plumbing bay and a few towels stuffed around the plumbing kept things warm. The wireless thermometer verified that!

Recently we decided to upgrade our little weather station to include more features and more sensor units. So I went looking where we all go shopping when living the full time RV life, Amazon! I decided to stick with the Acrite brand because the one we owned had worked so well for ten years.

Acurite Weather Station
Our Weather Station sitting near the Dinette Area.

I wanted one with a bigger and brighter screen versus the smaller black on gray that was hard to see at a distance. We keep ours in the main living area where we look for indoor temperatures, the time, and even the date. So it is much more than just a wireless weather station.

With those parameters in mind, I found the AcuRite Home Temperature & Humidity Station with three Indoor / Outdoor Sensors, and in Full Color. It has a lot of cool features that I was looking for:

  • It monitors temperature and humidity in up to four locations inside and outside the RV.
  • It has a bright, color digital display that shows temperature and humidity from all four locations at a glance. Plus you can name the areas from the included forty-name library.
  • The Acurite weather station provides a reliable twelve to twenty-four-hour weather forecast, a humidity gauge, barometric pressure, indoor and outdoor temperatures, and the time and date.
  • It also offers programmable alarms that alert you to take action if environmental conditions exceed your preferred range. This is ideal for outside RV plumbing bays!
  • And, it includes three wireless, weather-resistant temperature and humidity sensors.

This was just what I was looking for, and at a very reasonable price!

As full time RVers, and an RV inspector/technician, I will say that humidity levels inside the RV play a big role in creating issues that can affect the structure and livability of an RV home. If humidity levels remain high, year-round, mold will grow in places that you can’t see it, like in AC ducts, behind cabinets, etc. The only way to know what that humidity level stands at is to have a way to read it. Knowing the humidity level both inside and outside the RV is really important for any RVer!

Living in tight quarters with mold present creates a very unhealthy living environment!

We placed the three sensors around different exterior areas of the RV: one in the plumbing bay, one in the bay where the fresh water tank is located, and one at the rear of the RV to pick up air temperature and humidity levels. The sensors can be outside but not in a heavy weather location. In other words, not in a place to have wind-driven rain penetrate the sensors.

Acurite Weather Station
One Sensor Placed in the Plumbing Bay
Acurite Weather Station
The Second Sensor Placed on top of the Fresh Water Tank
Acurite Weather Station
And the Third Sensor Placed in a Location Away from Rainfall – by the Rear Hitch

The sensor at the rear of the RV gets removed during travel to avoid damage. The other two stay safely in the storage bays they measure temperature and humidity from.

We are truly enjoying the accuracy of the readings we are seeing by comparing to other known accurate sources! Once humidity levels reach forty-five percent we know it’s time to fire up the dehumidifier.

We give this product a ten out of ten!

Happy RV Travels!!

Howard, Pam, Lindsey, and Winston

Lindsey the Full Time RVing Corgi Winter and Spring 2020 Update

Greetings from Lindsey, the full time RV living Corgi! Since the last time I shared about my Fall 2019 adventures, I have logged another 2,500 miles in my RV home. Mom, Dad, Winston, and I like to keep the tires rolling, but lately, that has come to a halt.

There’s this thing I keep hearing about. I can’t remember the name of it, but I guess it is a highly contagious form of the flu, or something like that. I think it has something to do with a Mexican beer. Oh yea, Corona something or other. I am getting really old so things slip my mind!

Since that all started earlier this year, the RV home has been sitting for months. I am ready for the view out the peeky hole to change! I think my days are numbered. I am not sure, but I can’t see very well, I can’t walk too well either. My sense of smell can still find the food bowl, but life is tough for this old girl.

Mom keeps giving me good food supplements to keep me going. I guess I can’t complain. I have lived way longer than the other Corgis that they have had, and by years. I was the first one to really have decent food from the time I was a puppy till now. Mom has learned so much about dog food quality over the years that I think that has probably helped me live this many years.

She is very leary of over-vaccinating too! After my bout with a tumor a few years ago I feel lucky to still be living the dream of traveling with Mom and Dad seeing the country. Oh, and of course with the runt too: Winston.

But I can tell he likes me because he always lies near me when he can. It’s like he thinks he is protecting me. It’s okay. I let him believe he is helping me out. Little does he know I am still a feisty old girl!

I have also been able to travel with Mom and Dad in the company truck while they were doing RV inspections. I prefer traveling in the RV better, but sometimes it works out that I have to go with them when they visit with their RV clients. You see, I can’t hold my bladder too long anymore. So, Mom, has me wearing a diaper to prevent accidents in the RV. Winston laughs at me!

camping with dogs

In late January, Mom and Dad packed up the RV and we ventured back to Florida to spend some time at one of our favorite RV parks, Camp Gulf! Mom and Dad work camped there early on in the full time RV life. It is a beautiful place! The park is right on the beach so access to beautiful white sand, clear water, and amazing sunsets are always close by.

I am not allowed on the beach, but when we lived and worked there, we had a golf cart, and I could sit in that and enjoy the view. So, I still remember what it is like.

Dad decided to get a new tow dolly for Chevy Chase, the HMRVI Corporation work truck. The January trip was the first time pulling the truck behind Miss Tiffy. Mom and Dad had some work to attend to in Florida and Georgia.

It’s really cool because all Dad has to do is drive up on the thing, tie it down, and then off we go with Chevy Chase following behind. Unlike a lot of tow dollys, this one follows behind the RV and the wheels track were the RV tires go. It is able to do that because of the dolly wheels that articulate. When the RV turns, the dolly wheels also turn. Dad says it looks weird from his view of this in the RVs rearview mirrors.

I hope all this virus stuff ends soon! This Corgi has more adventures she wants to have before the big sleep. Speaking of sleeping, that is what I tend to do all day and I need to get back to it now.

Thank you for stopping by and checking in on me!

Happy RV travels!!

Lindsey the Full Time RVing Corgi Fall 2019 Update- USS Lexington Museum

Greetings from Lindsey, the full time RV living Corgi! I can’t believe how fast 2019 has gone! It seems like I just turned fifteen years old, but since then another six months have already gone by. Some would say that in human years I am over one hundred years old. I feel like it too!

Right now I am down in South Texas enjoying the beach. Hanging out around the water is my favorite thing. I have lived in many places in the United States, but I have spent most of my time in the high mountain region of the west and on the beaches in the Southeast. I think I am more of a water girl. I love watching the ocean and listening to the waves. They lull me to sleep! Well, that does not take much these days. LOL

Since my last post about our late summer activities, we have spent most of our time stationary at the NRVTA in Athens, TX where Mom and Dad teach people how to run a small business from their RV and how to be RV inspectors.

I would say the best activity while at the South Texas coast is the beach, but there are some other attractions to visit. Recently, Mom, Dad, Winston and I got to go to the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. It’s the home of the USS Lexington Museum. I could not board the ship because they don’t allow pets. Plus, based on what Mom and Dad told me, there were just too many stairs to climb and descend. But, Dad told me all about what they saw. They took a lot of pictures too.

USS Lexington in Corpus Christi

From what I heard it was really cool! From the outside, the ship looks huge! It has many decks. Also, from the outside, you can see all the plans that are sitting on the deck. They had everything from propeller warplanes to more recent jet aircraft. The deck of the carrier is 120,000 square feet. Dad said it was fun to just walk around the deck, look at the planes, and see just how far off the water the flight deck is.

USS Lexington in Corpus Christi

The USS Lexington Museum is located inside the USS Lexington aircraft carrier. The ship is parked just offshore and joined to land by a long concrete bridge that takes you to the aircraft hanger deck. You can either walk to the ship or take a tram. Once inside the aircraft carrier, you pay the admission fee and also pay for a four dollar parking token. The parking area is across the street on North Shoreline Blvd and from the walkway bridge. You need the token to get out of the parking area when you are finished touring the USS Lexington Museum.

USS Lexington in Corpus Christi

Mom and Dad said after they paid the entry fee of $14.95 each, they were given a map of the ship that allowed them to visit five separate areas of the ship. We were there for five hours so there is lots to see. Mom and Dad were worried about us so they did not spend as much time as they could have. There are television monitors throughout the ship that allow you to view information on many areas of interest regarding the ship, its operation, the history of naval operations, and life aboard an aircraft carrier.

USS Lexington in Corpus Christi

The cool thing is they have a new feature that allows you to use your smartphone and a QR Reader App to scan the codes that are located at many of the exhibits. These smartphone tours give more information about the real stories of the LEX, her people, and her treasures.

Mom and Dad said they also saw a 3-D movie that was twenty-five minutes long that details naval operations. Dad said he really liked the clips of being launched from and landing on the aircraft carrier deck. The movie runs on the hour in the movie theater that is inside the ship on the hanger deck. Dad said it looked like it seated hundreds of people.

While we were there it was a pretty quiet day. The only group that showed up was a few buses of kids on a school field trip. Other than that Mom and Dad said they had the ship to themselves and were even able to sit on the bridge, all alone. No other visitors were around.

USS Lexington in Corpus Christi
USS Lexington in Corpus Christi

As I mentioned earlier, there are five self-guided tours. They each begin and end on the hangar deck. Dad said he and Mom were able to move at their own pace so they would not miss anything. They said some things they spent a lot of time looking at while others not so much. They did say that since the USS Lexington aircraft carrier is a former US Navy vessel, the ship has steep stairways, low overhangs, and some hazards to look out for. You do have to watch your head and where you step.

Dad said that he observed that the ceilings on the upper and lower decks, from the hangar deck, seemed really low. There were times he needed to squat a little bit in order to not hit his head on the services running along with the ceiling. He also thought that perhaps the navy crew of the forties were of a smaller stature given the uniforms and apparel that was displayed. Dad said he thought being shorter was a definite advantage for being a good naval aviator.

When you board the ship you get a map that shows the self-guided tours. You can start with the Flight Deck, then the Foc’sle, the Gallery Deck, The Lower Decks, and the Hangar Deck which is the first place you see when you board the USS Lexington Museum. Here’s a picture of the USS Lexington Museum map showing what you can see while at the ship.

Mom and Dad said they did all five tours and watched the 3-D movie at the Mega Theater, at the front of the ship, on the Hangar Deck. All that added up to the five hours that I mentioned earlier. I was glad they did not spend much more time than that because Winston and I were ready to go.

There are other things you can do on the USS Lexington that Mom and Dad did not try. Maybe on their next trip when they have more time. There is a flight simulator that accommodates fifteen people. You are launched off the flight deck, go attack targets, and return safely to land on the flight deck. That is an additional five dollars. Dad said it looks pretty realistic as he has been in a flight simulator before. From the outside you can see all the pistons that move the simulator around to give the feeling of flight.

There is also a Pearl Harbor exhibit that Mom and Dad saw while on one of the guided tours. But since they know the story very well they did not stay to watch the film montage that details the story of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is a state-of-the-art multi-media exhibit, on Tour Route 2 in the ship’s foc’sle. Dad said that the little bit that they watched was presented in realistic animations and actual footage.

For the real adventurous folks, they have something called Lockdown on the LEX. They have two missions to choose from. They involve either finding a bomb and defusing it or locating missing people who are lost in the depths of the ship.

From what Mom and Dad said it seems like visiting the USS Lexington is something to definitely do while in the area. There is a website for the USS Lexington aircraft carrier and the USS Lexington Museum.

Well, it’s time to get back to watching the ocean waves and catching a nap. After all this writing I am exhausted! Thanks for stopping by! Please be sure to leave a comment, or ask a doggy related question, if you would like my input on what it’s like to be a full time RV living Corgi.

Here’s a little parting humor from the ship!

USS Lexington in Corpus Christi
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