Work Camping Jobs – Build a Free Website From Your RV!

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When it comes to work camping jobs, have you ever thought of starting out by building a free website involving something you are passionate about, and perhaps making money giving advice about something you may also be an expert at?

Making money online is something many folks do!  They make a full time income from promoting products and ideas from their website.  Those that have been at it awhile can make thousands of dollars a month from these activities.


But, you are probably thinking I know nothing about how to create a website or market products or ideas that I feel strongly about.  Would you be willing to try it for free while learning how?  What other work camping jobs could be better than this?  You can work from the comfort of your RV, and whenever you want!

Can You Learn Enough in a Short Period of Time to Do This?

Yes you can!  You see this website you are now visiting?  I started this less than two months ago, from the date I am writing this.  I knew nothing about web hosting, domain names, long tail keywords, Google analytics, webmaster tools, engaging content, etc.

I had no idea there was an online university to teach you how to have an online presence, and you could learn the basics for free!  What about scams?  Are there many out there?  Absolutely!  The world wide web is loaded with them!  That is the real problem when sifting through the garbage to find something of real value.

Once I found an online website creation university that had a good wrap, I decided to give the free offer a try.  Now, my website has front page Google rankings on numerous keywords that I have written about.  I have affiliate offers posted for products and services that I use in my RV.  I have experience with them and they are easy to talk about.  If others find value in them, they click on a link, and if they buy I receive a commission for the referral.  It’s that easy!

Choose a Website Name and Create Your Website!

Choose a Website Name and Create Your Website!

In today’s computer age, it is easy to research an area of interest and register a domain name, or a dot com if you will, and from there build a website.  In fact, the graphic above from the online website creation university makes it as easy as one click.  And it’s free to get started.  You can create two websites if you like.  You can remain a free member for as long as you like!  There is no credit card required to get started!

I had my website up and running in a day!   I used the 10 free certification courses to learn how to accomplish all the geeky stuff I knew nothing about.

Easy to Understand Lessons!

Easy to Understand Lessons!

Once I had the framework of my website created, I was able to use the free keyword search tool that allowed me to create keywords that Google would find attractive.

Have you noticed when searching in Google that when you type in your chosen word search you are taken to a page that displays websites containing your “keywords?”  They are attached to websites that have your chosen keywords in them.

This is the kind of information that you can learn in order to leverage your time and have an internet presence on a subject that you are passionate about.  You can be an authority, and if you work at it for awhile you can generate income from suggesting products or services that will help people solve their problems and needs.

What Happens if I get Stuck and Don’t Understand What I am Supposed to Do?

The great thing is that there is a community of thousands of folks that help each other out.  It’s the pay it forward idea in this community of like-minded folks who are developing and learning about website marketing.  Whenever you have a question, just go to the classroom and ask your question.

Ask any Question You Want!

Ask any Question You Want!

If you do like the pay it forward thinking, you can get involved in the community whenever you want, and help others with the knowledge that you have gained.  You will meet folks from all over the world.  Some people spend hours on live chats with people from many different cultures.  They don’t have to, but they enjoy that kind of interaction.  They may converse about website related issues or just chat.

The ranking system encourages you to become a teacher of many ideas based on your past experiences.  You can help out so many people!  And, that also helps your website by attracting people to it.  This increases traffic and your Google rankings.  Better rankings bring more people to your website.  Website traffic equals people who may want what you are offering!

Pay it Forward!

Pay it Forward!

Some people really enjoy this kind of interaction.  In the past I have not been a big social network user!  I enjoy helping folks in this community, but have never been a big Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc user.  I have learned to navigate these avenues from what I have learned at the website university.  I have found them to be of value as I am building my RV inspection business.  Again, I have learned all of this from this one source.

And I always have a community of folks that will review my website, offer advice, and encouragement.

The Generous Community!

The Generous Community!

So, if you are considering work camper jobs, would you think this is a good option?   Could you try this while working in an RV park, just to get started?  Or are you confident enough in your own abilities to just jump right in?

Can I do This Before Starting to Full Time RV, and Go Into it Without Debt Because of my Website?

Absolutely!  If you want to try this for free: choose a website name, create your website, get ten free lessons, with both video and  written teaching, have your website hosted and live in a day, and get support if you get stuck.  Yes, get started so your online activities will get you set to hit the road with some financial piece of mind.

I have enjoyed this whole process so far.  I have a thriving website that gets traffic each day, and from all over the world.  It does not matter where folks are from.  They are searching for information that I offer them for free.  I appreciate when they “click through” and visit an affiliate website whose product I feel strongly about.

Can you do the same?  Sure!  How determined are You?  Are you looking for the quick buck?  If so, this is not that.  It will take some work, some trial and error, but if you stick with it, you can have a website like mine that attracts visitors.  Imagine having 25,000 visitors after a years time.  That is an attainable goal if you put in the effort and treat it like a real work camping job!

Just follow the link below to get started for free.  There are no commitments and no credit cards to get started.  This is the best offer that you will find on the internet to help you get started with your own free website!!

Try it for Free for as Long as You Like!

Try it for Free for as Long as You Like!

Please feel free to leave a comment before you go!  We would like to know what you think of this idea or if you have any questions that came to mind after visiting this page.

Howard and Pam

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