Lindsey, the RVing Corgi Early Winter 2017 Update

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Hello, from Lindsey the full time RV living Corgi! It has been a few months since I last checked in. Please forgive me as I am an older Corgi and I seem to nap more frequently than when I was younger. Plus, the home on wheels has been moving around a lot these past few months!

With my short legs its hard to use the laptop while the RV is in motion. I keep falling off the dinette seat. And by the time we get to where we are going, I am too tired to think about writing.

So, here’s what we have been up to. Since we left Gettysburg, where I last wrote to you, we traveled to Heber Springs, AR for three weeks of business activities for Mom and Dad.  First, there was another RV Tech Course, the eleventh for the year, the Workamper News Rendezvous, a yearly gathering for work campers to learn more about the lifestyle, then the NRVIA National Conference followed by a five-day advanced RV inspector training class.

I did not see much of Mom and Dad during that time because they were always gone from the RV.  We did get to camp outside the Workamper News office.  Steve and Kathy Jo Anderson, the owners of Workamper News, have RV services so we were able to hang out there.  It was really convenient and allowed Mom and Dad to be closer to the action.

The Anderson’s also have a fur-kid named Charlie that I can play with when I’m not in a grumpy old lady mood!

Dad was able to spend time in the mornings with the students in the RV Tech Course.  From what I understand the class is designed to help people understand their RV better.  Once they complete the five days they are able to solve most of the problems that they will have in their RV’s and do that by themselves. That can sure save time and money! I see Dad fixing stuff all the time. Sure makes me happy! I don’t want to be without lights, water, electricity, etc.

The Workamper Rendezvous is for RVers who want to learn more about living in their RV’s, traveling the country, and working in areas where they want to hang out for a while.  The event was to help people learn how to become a workamper, how to market to employers who want workampers, and planning to get to that point.  Dad did a seminar on the steps to becoming a workamper. Mom said he did a good job!

Then, a few days later, there was the NRVIA National Conference.  This is a yearly event that brings the NRVIA certified RV inspectors together to learn more from each other as well as from vendors who come to share their knowledge.  Dad got to act as Emcee again like he did last year. They must have had fun because they were sure gone from the RV a lot!  I heard Dad talking about all the great stories of how NRVIA inspectors helped folks who bought an RV.  Because of what they do, many have been spared from buying a money pit!

I really like traveling in my RV!   I can’t imagine what it would be like to have one that has constant problems.  Now I know I have heard Dad say that they are not called RV’s, but RVR’s. He says that means “Repair Vehicle Regularly”.   I think what he is saying is that if you move your RV a lot, it is going to develop issues.  The main reason is that it is like a rolling earthquake.  With the condition of highways in the US, things are going to rattle loose and need repair.  At least I think that is what he is saying.

He does not speak Corgi well as I would like, but I think that is what I learned from listening to his conversation with Mom.

After Heber Springs we left and headed back to Athens, Texas to the Texan RV Park. This is the new home of the National RV Training Academy.  Again, Dad and Mom had more classes, just like in Heber Springs, AR.

Then, Mom and Dad had a family emergency, plus they had another class to teach in Baton Rouge, so in mid-November, we left Athens, TX and spent a week in Baton Rouge with some really nice people. I was alone a lot, once again, but I sense the people that Mom and Dad were with great people.

We parked outside one man’s house in a place he had set up for services for our RV home. I also saw Mom and Dad bopping around in a big electric cart. They had to go about 300 yards to a facility that was set up for them to train some advanced RV inspection skills to folks who work with government agencies to help displaced homeowners find temporary housing in RV’s. They need to be inspected first, so Mom and Dad were helping to get them up to speed to do that.

After that, we were off to South Florida. We were on the road for two more weeks and were back in Athens, TX by early December for the last round of classes for 2017.

While in Florida, Mom and Dad decided to buy a new truck. I was thinking it was for me so I could also go with them more, but I don’t think that was the reason. From what I understood by pretending to sleep, but really listening in to what they were saying, was that in order to serve their clients better they felt a Chevy Colorado with a 6-speed manual transmission, that could be flat towed, would be a good choice for their business.

Dad says it a real “Bare-Hare”, a term picked up from Steve Anderson, which means it does not have all the frills that some trucks do, but then again, any truck that has a manual transmission is built that way. Dad likes that because he says all my dog hair really sticks to carpets and it is hard to vacuum up so he is glad the truck does not have any. But, I can still leave nose marks on all the windows . . . LOL!

Dad wants to put a truck topper on the rear truck bed to allow for safe storage of work equipment.  He then wants to create some graphics for that topper to advertise for their company, HMRVI Corporation.  I think he should put a picture of me in the back window for people to enjoy!  LOL

Since the holidays are just around the corner Dad is in the RV all the time and keeping me awake.   I wish he would get back to work!  Uh oh, Dad is behind me looking over my big ears and he just corrected me.  He says he is working, just on different projects from his RV office in our RV home.

Given it is now almost Christmas, I want to wish all my peeps out there a very Merry Christmas and wishes for a healthy and pawporous, I mean prosperous New Year!!

Lindsey out . . .


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