Lindsey, the RVing Corgi Early Summer 2018 Update

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Lindsey the full time RVing Corgi here.  It has been awfully hot lately!  It seems like we went from winter to summer in a matter of weeks.  I have been spending more time indoors because it is way too hot for this furball!

Mom and Dad have been spending a fair bit of time at the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA).  They have had a lot of classes that they have held there so far this year.

They have also been out traveling around Texas doing RV inspections for clients that need their services.  The cool thing is when they leave the NRVTA they bring the RV home and I get to go along.  Isn’t that cool?



Earlier this year at the NRVTA a small temporary facility was brought in to start classes while the bigger facility is being built.  The picture at the top of this post is the concrete slab awaiting the steel for the building to arrive.  So, the picture above shows where classes are currently being held.  It is called the Little Red School House.

I heard Dad say that once the Big Red School House is completed there will be seventeen thousand square feet of space in the new training facility.  It will look like this picture rendering:

national rv training academy


So, what have I been doing while all this stuff that has been going on around me?  I have been sleeping a lot.  I am going to be fourteen years old on the ninth of July.  Wow, that’s at least ninety-eight in human years!  For an old girl, I am still doing pretty well, but this typing thing, and seeing the laptop computer screen is getting a little tough, so Dad has to help me out.

While Mom and Dad are at work I get a lot of sleep.  But when they take me on RV inspections I get a little out of my rhythm.  They just keep waking me up with all the comings and goings and the moving around of the RV home.

A few days ago Mom and Dad packed up the RV again and we have been driving for days.  I think we are in Florida.  It seems familiar.  I recognize some of the smells from when we were here late last year. 

I think Dad is going to see his Mom.  I heard him talking about having a little extra time to get away before they need to be back at the NRVTA for the next round of eager students who want to learn more about their RV’s and how to inspect them.

I think I heard them say that tomorrow they are going to stay at Lazydays RV Park.  There is a 126-acre dealership attached to the facility.  Dad has used the rally facility before to hold classes.  They think I am sleeping and not paying attention, but my big ears are always listening to what’s going on.

I remember the place very well!  Mom and Dad have walked me all over that place looking at all the RV’s.  I think it’s like a candy store for grownups, especially my Mom and Dad. 

Dad has a tentative inspection there on Friday.  I am sure they will also be looking around while they are there.  They always do!  It’s a great place to check out all the new and used RV’s in order to keep the inspection and tech skills sharp.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll check back in pretty soon because I think I will have lots more to talk about.

But, right now I am ready for a nap!


Lindsey . . . . out!

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