Kidde Safety Recall – Kidde Extinguisher Recall

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The Kidde Company (pronounced Kida) announced a massive recall on the fire extinguishers that they produce.  This Kidde safety recall has been initiated for the safety of its customers.  The Kidde extinguisher recall is on certain Kidde fire extinguishers.  The company says they are broadcasting this recall voluntarily and that they will replace it for free, a comparable or better unit if you follow the proper steps.

About forty million of the Kidde brand fire extinguishers have been recalled because they may not work properly.  One death has been reported along with injuries and property damage due to the failure of these units.  The Kidde fire extinguishers can become clogged or require excessive force to operate and can fail during a fire emergency, according to this recall notice.

In addition, the nozzle can detach from the body of the unit with enough force to pose an impact hazard!

I will help you identify whether your Kidde fire extinguisher is included in the recall and show you where to find the information you need to process your request for a free replacement.

kidde extinguisher recall

Now, let’s see if your Kidde fire extinguisher is affected by the recall!

There are two styles of Kidde fire extinguishers included in the recall.  They are certain plastic handle fire extinguishers and push button pin fire extinguishers.

kidde extinguisher recallIf the Kidde fire extinguisher has a gauge, the first thing to look for is a vertically oriented pull pin that is either fixed with two connectors or hanging with a single connection.  The other distinguishing factor is a straight, not a curved handle.

kidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recall

The other type of Kidde extinguisher recall is for certain units with the push button.  These extinguishers have push buttons and a t-shaped pull pin and a loop handle.  They come in two sizes and may be either red or white.  If your push button model is used with a personal watercraft, Kidde does not currently have an exact replacement for it, but they will provide a replacement that is US Coast Guard rated, and of a similar size.

kidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recall

Let’s take a moment to identify Kidde fire extinguishers that are not affected by the Kidde safety recall.  If your fire extinguisher has a metal handle and metal pull tab, in any style, it is not affected like the plastic handle extinguishers with horizontal plastic pull pins.

kidde extinguisher recall

Curved black plastic handled units are also not affected.  These extinguishers come in various sizes and are either red, white, or silver and can be BC or BCE rated.  The important thing to remember is the horizontal plastic pull pin and curved black plastic handle units are not on recall!

kidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recall

To process a replacement as part of the Kidde extinguisher recall you will need to provide three unique identifiers from your unit.

kidde extinguisher recall

You will first need to locate and identify the model number and color of the fire extinguisher.  The model number can be found on the bottom right of the Kidde fire extinguisher label, perhaps below the UL mark.  It may consist of both alphabetic characters and numbers.  If more than one model is listed on the label you will only need to submit the first model listed.

kidde extinguisher recall

If you are entering your replacement request online, the web form includes a drop-down list of affected models in the color of the Kidde fire extinguisher.  Please be sure to select your respective combination of model and color.  If you don’t see your fire extinguisher listed it is not subject to the recall.

kidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recall

For the date of manufacture, you will need to locate the ten digit code on the side or back of the cylinder.

kidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recall

You are going to be interested in digits five through nine.  These will tell you the day and year that the Kidde fire extinguisher was manufactured.  Digits five, six, and seven represent the day of the year.  That can be from one to three hundred sixty-five.  Digits nine and ten represent the last two digits of the year.  For example:

kidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recallkidde extinguisher recallThe final item you will need to complete your request for a replacement is the serial number.  The serial number is located near the model number on the unit’s label and it will consist of a combination of both alphabetic characters and numbers.


kidde extinguisher recall

Now that you have all the information you need for the Kidde safety recall, and determined yours is on recall based on what I have discussed here, you can go to, or call their toll free number to so they can ship you a replacement.

kidde extinguisher recall


kidde extinguisher recall
Please keep your affected Kidde fire extinguisher until the replacement unit arrives.  Once you receive the new one you will find instructions on how to return your affected fire extinguisher.

This Kidde safety recall is so widespread that recently fifteen RV manufacturers submitted a recall notice.  These include Midwest Automotive Designs, Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach, Forest River, Keystone RV, Bison Coach, DRV Suites, Entegra Coach, Cruiser RV, Heartland RV, K-Z RV, Highland Ridge RV, Starcraft RV, REV Recreation Group, and Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers.

All tolled that equals 1,883,731 affected RV’s with these Kidde fire extinguishers that were factory installed.

These RV manufacturers will let their owners know and direct them to contact Kidde directly using the information that I have shared here.

Best wishes for safe RV travels!

Howard and Pam –


    • Michael Rooney on January 29, 2018 at 1:22 PM
    • Reply

    I submitted all the required information for the two fire extinguishers I have on 11/2/2017.
    Followed up with phone call 12/4/2017. Was told someone would call me back – no return call.
    Followed up again with phone call 12/27/2017, again told that someone would call back – no call.
    reference ID number given me is – C2003865

    1. Hi Michael!

      Thanks for stopping by our website.

      By the tone of your post I can only assume you think I work with Kidde to administer the recall process. That is not true!

      I am a full time RVer, RV inspector, and one that is concerned about RV safety. So, I wrote this post on my website to help spread the word to others so they can get a free replacement for their affected fire extinguishers.

      I submitted my request online, and within a few weeks had my new extinguisher – no calls required.

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