Lindsey Full Time RVing Corgi Summer 2020 Update

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Greetings from Lindsey, the full time RVing Corgi! Since my Winter and Spring updates, I have traveled another 3,000 miles in our RV home. COVID lockdown eased up a little, so Mom and Dad felt it was safe to venture out again.

full time rv living

While out traveling the country I noticed something really weird. I have seen dogs that are muzzled, but now all the humans are muzzled. We were parked at a Walmart in Louisiana and everyone going into the store was muzzled. I wonder what they did? LOL Dad said it was because of the COVID thing.

Well, I turned sixteen in July! That is like 112 human years. I can’t see much anymore and I can’t hear much either. Dad has to type for me now as I just can’t do it anymore. I am pretty old for a Corgi! I am three years past the average life expectancy for my breed.

I wear my diaper all the time. I pee in it every day. I just can’t control my bladder. Dad says humans come into the world wearing diapers and some go out the same way. It’s just a fact of life. I spend my days sleeping, eating, and soiling my diaper. What a life!

full time rv living
“Getting in a good nap!”

Back to my recent travels. Mom and Dad packed up the RV and we hit the road again. They wanted to go back to the beach and visit some RV dealerships to check out the new models.

We went back to Lazydays in Seffner, Florida. We have been there many times. Mom and Dad have purchased two RVs there. I did not think they were there to get another one because we have only had Miss Tiffy, our 2016 Tiffin Allegro Open Road, for two years. I have heard them say so many times how perfect she is for our full time RV living.

full time rv living
2016 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36LA – “Miss Tiffy”

The only downside is the cargo carrying capacity of 2,600 pounds and the ride when traveling on rough roads, like in Louisiana. Other than that, Miss Tiffy works perfectly for us.

What I found out later is that Dad was doing some research and discovered the new Tiffin Allegro Open Roads now come with the Ford F53 chassis with the Liquidspring option. What that means is the vehicle does not ride on leaf springs on the drive axle, but on compressed liquid. It is an adaptive system that controls ride comfort and stability.

full time rv living
No Leaf Springs!
full time rv living
Liquid-filled Pistons that auto adjust for improved ride!

That sounded great to me because Winston and I get our teeth pounded when we travel on rough roads!

People have asked Mom and Dad why they don’t buy a diesel motorhome. From what I can tell they don’t want a rear engine motorhome, they don’t want the extra maintenance cost of the diesel chassis and fuel, and Dad is a fan of the Ford chassis. It’s easy to maintain and it travels well.

Well, Dad talked Mom into upgrading to a 2021 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36LA, just like Miss Tiffy, but with many improvements that they wanted: the Liquidspring chassis, more carrying capacity, better ride, a bigger inverter, onboard solar, and a few interior and furniture improvements. Also, everything is now controlled by the Spyder touchpad system.

So, for the fourth time in my life, I had to deal with the change of moving into another RV. This time was not too bad because the floorplan is the same so given my limited sight, I can still get around okay.

But, lets talk about the Lazydays experience. Last time, Dad said he would never go back there again after buying Miss Tiffy one. The salesman was terrible, the process of getting the RV was laborious, and the lack of communication during the sales process was terrible.

However, the one they wanted was only available at Lazydays in Seffner, Florida. Dad contacted a salesman there and had a discussion about the last encounter and asked if his approach would be better than the last guy. He said it would.

So Dad decided to give Lazydays one more try. So we drove from Texas to Florida to go see our new home. After three days of travel we were back in our domicile state. We stayed in the Lazydays campground which made it easier to interact with the process of transferring to Miss Tiffy Too.

We met our salesman and arranged the steps needed to get Miss Tiffy Too delivered to us in a few days. When Mom and Dad first saw her she was in the service bay getting her pre-delivery inspection and repair. From there she would go to detail, and then the delivery lot for us to take possession.

So far it all sounded like we were doing much better at Lazydays then the previous purchase experience. We were shuttled through the different departments to get things set for transferring to the new RV. On the appointed day we went to the delivery lot and parked Miss Tiffy One next to Miss Tiffy Too.

full time rv living
Miss Tiffy Too on the Left – Miss Tiffy on the Right
full time rv living
Miss Tiffy Too

We were joined by a guy who was to do our delivery walk through. For Mom and Dad that was not really necessary because after twelve years of full time RV living, being RV inspectors, Dad an RVIA registered technician, the only thing that was problematic was the new electronics package. Dad walked around with the guy and checked the RV inside and out and created a repair list for the service department to address before they left the dealership.

After two days in the delivery lot Miss Tiffy Two was headed back to the service bay to fix things the technician did not catch the first time. After four hours in the bay everything was addressed except two issues.

So it was back to the delivery lot to wait for service in a day or two. Our service advisor assigned to us was not the brightest tool in the box. He was a nice guy but unable to steer the process to its logical conclusion.

On the day we were to go back to the service department for the remaining repairs, we had to abandon the RV and hang out in the service waiting room. It is a comfortable place with access to food, drinks, bathrooms, and a place for me and Winston to hang with Mom and Dad.

After six and a half hours of waiting, and no word from the service department, Dad went searching for an update. It turned out nothing had been done, and it was now three thirty in the afternoon. The service department would be closed soon.

At five-thirty, there was no service advisor, no one around in the huge building except for the folks in the sales area. Dad went looking for the RV and found it in a distant service bay, wide open with all our stuff in there, no electricity, the unit at ninety-six degrees inside, and the residential fridge at forty-five degrees. All the service personnel was gone.

Dad now came unglued and had to raise a stink to get some attention. The elusive service advisor showed up and apologized for the situation. But it was now really clear, the service department is completely unable to handle the demand with new RVs being so problematic coming from the factory with service issues.

Dad went to the service bay where Miss Tiffy Too was and drove the RV over to the where Mom, Winston and I were waiting to get back into our RV home. It was now a raging rain downpour. We went back to the delivery lot where we had electic and water service and waited to hear when we would have to return to get our service issues addressed.

One thing Dad told the salesman when he started the process was to not let the detailers touch the RV paint. The last time Sundial Limited scratched the clearcoat with swirl marks. As it turned out, they did the same thing on Miss Tiffy Too even though they were told not to. Somone at Lazydays service even added to wax the RV on the service ticket. Dad said you never put wax on new paint that has not cured yet. That was a whole other issue!

At this point Dad did not want the service department to touch the RV due to his lack of confidence in their ability to fix anything in a quality manner. One major problem left was that there was a water leak in the kitchen roof vent. The manufacturer put so much sealant around the vent that it was forcing water through the vent hinge.

They did solve that problem but did not fix the problem of the vent fully opening. The service department reminds me of chickens running around with their heads cut off.

Dad said the whole process, from start to finish was mixed with periods of extreme frustration. Most of these issues were due to a lack of communication and the service department’s ability to handle the workload. Dad says it also appears the service technicians just don’t really seem to enjoy what they are doing. They are just going through the motions.

He also observed they can’t be doing to bad as there were lots of Mercedes and Corvettes hanging out in the techs parking area. Their service rates are sure expensive!

I had to share that story because Mom and Dad were extremely upset and frustrated over the whole process to get their new RV. But, I did notice the difference between Miss Tiffy One and Miss Tiffy Too right away. When we finally were able to leave the dealership after two weeks, and we hit the road, due to the Liquidspring chassis, the ride was so much better. I am now able to get better naps during travel days. LOL

Mom and Dad did get to the beach. They went to the Gulf Beach RV Resort in Biloxi, MS. It is a newer park that Dad found. It is right across from the beach and has great beach views from the pool and the large party deck.

full time rv living
Beach View From the Party Deck
full time rv living
Site #20 at Gulf Beach RV Resort

Now that we are back at the National RV Training Academy I can settle back into my life of sleeping twenty-three hours a day. Mom and Dad are busy with teaching classes and other business activities so they leave me alone. LOL

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on me!

Happy RV Travels!


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