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Glamping with Dogs RV Style

Hello again to all my furry followers. For this week’s Bark Report  I want to talk to y’all about somethin’ I jus learned about called Glamping with Dogs, RV style. I was thinkin’ pretty hard what I could bark at you about this week and suddenly it came to me.  I been pickin’ up sniffs and pees-ess …

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RV Battery Issues – Understanding Your RV’s Electrical Systems

When it comes to enjoying all your RV has to offer, you also need to be aware of problems that can occur.  And some of these can make for a terrible RVing day!  RV Battery issues are something that falls into this category.  With a little basic understanding, you will find that you can maintain …

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Corgi Dogs and RVs United

Hello my four legged and two legged followers. Lindsey here with my Weekly Bark Report to report on how Corgi Dogs and RVs united at the Middlebury KOA.  As promised I’m here to give you first paw account on Corgi-Palooza that Mz Hope hosted. You are hearin’ it straight from the corgi’s mouth as this …

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July 4 Pets Peeved

july 4 pets

My Weekly Bark Report this time is for the Scare Me To Death Day, or better known as July 4 Pets Peeved (Do I need to mention that I really do not look forward to this day every year? Makes me really Peeved. How about y’all?)  Mom and Dad call it a July 4 Cell-e-bray-shun …

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