Lindsey, the RVing Corgi Spring 2017 Update

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Lindsey here!  Sorry I have not been writing as much as I have before.  I have been busy traveling because Mom and Dad keep moving our home on wheels every week or so.  Also, they are around so much I can’t even get my paws on a computer to use.

I can’t believe it has been since last May that I have written a blog post on Mom and Dad’s website!

I will have to say that since I had my last birthday I have been a bit depressed.  I am now twelve years old and will be thirteen in July.  My paws are not quite as flexible as they used to be.  I am having a hard time with the keyboard.  And, I need glasses to really see well enough to do my best work!  But Mom and Dad can’t find any that fit my face and meet my fashion requirements.

Mom and Dad are so busy these days traveling from spot to spot helping people find good used RV’s like the one I travel in.  They also help other people to learn how to do the same thing if they desire a similar lifestyle.

I love that I always have a new source of p-mail to check out at all the different places I get to visit!  I leave my responses but I am not always around long enough to check back for the response.  It’s okay though.  I love moving on to the next adventure!

Last week Mon and Dad were teaching an all day class and I was so glad to see them return to the RV in the late afternoons.  But then, all of the sudden the walls were coming in and the jacks were coming up and my house on wheels was headed out of the RV park we were staying in.  I was like, what the heck?

They forgot to tell me on Friday night that we had to be in another state, 1000 miles away by Sunday.  So, I did what every self-respecting Corgi does in such situations, I crawled into my comfy crate and started a wonderful nap while Mom and Dad drove my home on wheels for 325 miles.  I did not see much of them till around 11 pm because I was enjoying my sleep time.

We stopped at a Walmart in Fort Stockton, TX for a short rest before another big drive day.  I was pretty rested so Mom took me for a little walk amongst all the other RV’s that were there.  After that, I was ready to return to my home on wheels and start another good nap with Mom and Dad, on their bed.  Ah, life is good.  My job is to protect and serve!

The next day we were out early and off to a place called Tuscon, AZ.  I had been through there before about six years ago but don’t remember it too much other than sitting on the side of the road with a tire/brake issue.  At least that is what I heard Dad say.

After an eleven hour day of the RV moving down I-10 through three states, we arrived in Tuscon, AZ.  Guess where we stayed?  At Walmart!  Mom and Dad call it Wally Docking.  They love Walmart because most of them welcome RVers to stay overnight and rest a bit before moving on.

We are usually not there too long, just long enough to get some rest and shop for supplies.  I see some people who do the same but it looks like they are staying for an extended stay: slides out, jacks down, awnings and chairs out, and the grill fired up.  Not exactly the intent of what Walmart wants to allow.  I think Dad is going to write another post about this issue.  If people abuse the privilege then Walmart may take away the offer and not allow RV’s to stay overnight.  That would be a shame that a few could ruin it for the rest of us nomadic puppy dogs!

After a little more shopping for groceries, the next morning we were off to our destination of Mesa, AZ.  Mom and Dad did a great job of getting us to our destination on time so we could meet some more great people who want to learn all about the RV lifestyle and how to fix their RV’s themselves.

Dad says eighty percent of the things on an RV are easy to access and easy to fix if you have some basic knowledge about them.  Dad also likes to encourage RVers who spend a fair bit of time in their RV’s to run a small business as a way to fund travels.  It sounds really cool but I have no idea what he is talking about.  I guess I should attend his class.

Well, that’s all for now.  I am pretty exhausted and it is time for another nap.  So, until the next time that I can steal Dad’s computer away from him, happy travels my peeps!

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