Late Fall 2016 Update

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Pam and I are now entering our ninth year of full time RV living.  It is surprising how quickly that time has gone and the many miles we have traveled.  Are we tired of it? Absolutely not!

We have been to many great places and made wonderful friendships on our many journeys.

When we started out we never dreamed that our path would take us in the direction that we are now pointed in.  Early on we had a vision of what we wanted for a full time RV lifestyle.  We knew that we wanted to run a business on the road and use that opportunity to travel to many places and enjoy the tax benefits.

We have made a business out of helping people to better understand their RV, educating them about the full time RV lifestyle, and how to be sure they are not purchasing a money pit when buying a used RV.  We do that by providing RV inspection services.

We find that so many new RVers, both new and experienced, still don’t really understand how their RV works.  I get questions both online and in person about issues that arise and problems they are having.  You can visit this post to see evidence of that.

The questions and self-diagnosis indicate that there is so much confusion when it comes to understanding the major systems of an RV.  Let’s face it, RV’s are complicated, and when things go wrong it helps to know where to look so you can save yourself money and time getting things back to normal.

Can you find this information online?  Sure!  Google searches can help you diagnose a problem if the information found is correct.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect information shared by well-meaning individuals.

This may lead to more problems. You have to check your sources before undertaking an RV fix shared by another RVer.

So what can you do if you want to be able to correctly fix most of the issues you will have on the road?  Can you learn the basics even though you may feel you don’t have the skills to do so?

Yes, you can!  I have seen many folks come through a five-day course, either in person or online, and gain the confidence and experience necessary to fix their RV when things break.

I took this step almost three years ago and I have yet to have to call an RV technician to come and fix my RV!  Other fellow RVers we know have not done the same.  They have wound up calling for service because they could not identify and resolve the problem themselves.  They have shared with us their costly stories!


Can you learn enough with the proper materials to be able to fix eighty percent of the problems that arise in your RV that are easy to access and easy to fix?

Can this information also be helpful to you when purchasing an RV?

If you would like to know more, leave me a comment in the area on the upper right of this web page and I will get back to you with more information.


Where Have We Been the Past Few Weeks?


Pam and I have been hanging out in the Atlanta area.  This past week we were working with a Level One NRVIA Certified RV inspector to help him gain his Level Two credentials.

We have been parked inside at the RV Loft in Marietta, GA.  Howard and Heather Hoover, along with Casey Boyle offer enclosed and outdoor RV storage at their facility.  They also offer ancillary services: RV repair, RV inspections, detailing, fluid sampling, dump holding tanks, etc.

If you have a need, they probably can help you solve your problem!

We have seen a few folks stop by that needed a short term storage solution while visiting friends and family in the area.  They were not able to stay in their RV with their family so they stored it for a few weeks at the RV Loft.

If you are in the area and need their services, you can be sure you will be taken care of!


Winter Plans

This winter we have plans to be in Florida and Texas as we will be teaching NRVIA classes in both locations.  As we head towards spring we are looking forward to heading back out west for more of the same!

Pam and I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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