March 2016 archive

Inspecting a Used RV – Lindsey’s Bark Report

Baroo! Hello, my human and furry followers.  Lindsey here with my Bark Report. Today I want to bark at you about inspecting a used RV.  I got to go with mom and dad on an inspection. A real NRVIA, third party unbiased inspection.  Ha! And Dad thinks I don’t listen!  WRONG!  And I’m here to …

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Small RV Living Full Time Update

We have people ask Pam and I, “why would you want to live in such a small RV?  Are you crazy?” So, I thought it was time for a small RV living full time update!  Since we just celebrated our first year in our second full time RV living RV, and in our eighth year …

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Selecting an RV for Full Time RV Living!

One of the most popular posts on my website is the one that talks about the best 5th wheel RV for you.  That proves to me that selecting an RV to buy is a difficult choice, especially if the person making the choice has never traveled in an RV before! There are many determinations to make …

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