Lindsey the RVing Corgi Early Fall 2017 Update

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Since my last post telling you all about my emergency surgery, I have been a busy Corgi!   Mom and Dad keep moving my home on wheels.  Since July I have been in nine states.  I have spent a lot of time getting lulled to sleep by the drone of the road as Mom and Dad drive to all the places they have taken me too.

After a while, one park seems like another.  I can only tell the difference between them by the smells I pick up.  And since they are not mine, I get to read all the other p-mail left by other traveling canines.  And of course, I get to respond in kind.  “Life is never boring for me, the RV traveling Corgi!”

So, after my surgery thing in northern Indiana, near Elkhart, Mom and Dad stayed another week or so conducting business and visiting RV manufacturers while I rested up after my traumatic experience.  My fur has still not completely grown back but I have less of an Amish but then I did a few months ago.  An old girl like me does not grow fur like I used to like when I was a puppy, even given my clean eating regimen that Mom has had me on my whole life.

Before we left Indiana Mom and Dad worked with a client of theirs to provide RV inspection services on a brand new RV.  I thought that was kind of weird since Dad says he inspects used RV’s.  He has been asked by banks to inspect new RV’s.  It turns out these homes on wheels, whether new or used, need someone to take a look at them before unsuspecting buyers wind up with a money pit or a warranty headache.

Dad’s client was very happy after he found out all the things that needed attention.  He was saved from having to bring the RV back for the nine days it remained at the dealership being repaired.  I was out in the RV while Mom and Dad did the inspection.  They were at the RV dealership most of the day, so I know they were really searching to find problems with the RV, and to be sure the RV was ready to be lived in.  I got to see Dad’s RV inspection report that he sent to the client.  Wow!  Even I had to say, what a dog with fleas!  This new RV needed some TLC before it headed out on the road!

After leaving the Elkhart area Mom and Dad stopped in Indianapolis to visit the folks at JG Lubricant Services to see what happens to the oil and coolant samples that they pull from motorized RV’s like mine.  Dad wanted to see how the whole process works once the fluid samples reach the lab.  Once again, I was in the RV while they did their thing.  Sometimes I really feel left out, but I know four-legged kids are not allowed to go everywhere unless they are service dogs, which I am not.  I am just a faithful fur-kid who offers love, affection, cuteness, and guarding services.  LOL

Mom and Dad really enjoyed their time with Tom Johnson of JG Lubricant Services and the folks at the lab.  They said everyone was really nice and very excited about the possibilities that exist with fluid analysis services being offered by NRVIA inspectors.

From there it was time to head to Texas to meet up with friends and business associates at their new RV Park.  It’s called Texan RV Park.  From what I hear there is going to be lots of excitement going on there over the next six months.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.  I get to chase and bark at all the geese that hang out at the pond that is behind our RV site.  Lots of fun for me!

After Dad’s advanced RV inspector training class, we all had a few weeks to chill out before heading out on the road again.  This time it was to Hershey, PA for the RV show that happens every year in early September.  This was my third time to the show.  Mom and Dad were gone a lot so I had to guard the RV and catch naps when I could.

Mom and Dad got to spend time with some of the other vendors that offer awesome RV products!  At least that’s what they say.  They especially love Eric and Tami Johnson who offer products, and great service, to keep RVers connected on the road, safe as they travel, and equipped with lots of other cool stuff!  Dad loves his wifi booster!  I think he also said something about getting a cellular signal booster to help with his MiFi unit when the signal is weak.  They have been in some areas recently where a few extra bars would really help with video streaming.

Dad said he was able to do some seminars and talk to future RV owners about buying and selling an RV with confidence.  He had 30 to sixty folks per session.  I heard him say that people really enjoyed the insight into things to think about before purchasing an RV.  He and Mom also were in the Workamper News booth and the NRVIA booth answering visitors questions about the work camping lifestyle, RV inspections, and becoming an RV inspector.  They told me it was a lot of fun!

So now we are in Gettysburg, PA for a few weeks with a lot of people who want to learn about how to fix their own RV and then possibly becoming RV inspectors.  Dad says nobody should be without a small business of their own.  It’s a great way to take advantage of the American dream.  It’s really a great idea for full time RVers and part-timers too.

Okay, it’s time for another nap!  I will check in next month and let you know what else I have been up to.  THis next month is going to be busy for Mom and Dad with lots more traveling, so check back and I’ll share what me, Mom, and Dad have been up to.

Lindsey out!

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