F11 Top Coat Reviews and the TopCoat F11 Scam

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Being full time RVers and living in basically what is a big painted box that requires maintenance just like a car does, we at yourfulltimervliving.com were very interested in the TopCoat F11 product when we learned about it in mid-2018! After looking at some of the F11 Top Coat Reviews that are out there, we thought one from a user that has been applying it for a year might be helpful!

f11 top coat reviews

It is a very difficult project to wash and wax a nearly forty foot long RV that is twelve feet tall, and more if parked on unlevel surfaces where the front or back could be higher than the other. So, when a product claims that it will seal the clearcoat of a full-body painted RV, as well as many other surfaces so that you never have to wash them again, we were very interested in the product. Skeptical, but interested!

Our first thought was that the Top Coat F11 product must be a scam! There is no way that you can apply a waterless based product every three to six months and have it protect your paint, and also reduce clearcoat swirl marks. That was a big issue we wanted to know more about because swirling the paint on a full-body painted coach is easy to do if care is not taken.

What is TopCoat F11

TopCoat F11 is a water-based product that is Eco-Safe, according to the manufacturer. They say it contains no solvents or abrasive compounds. Also, they say it does not contain silicone which can leave surfaces dangerously or artificially slick. There is no need to shake the product before application. They claim it leaves all surfaces on a vehicle extremely water repellent.

Now here are a few other things that caught our attention and led to some skepticism for a product of this nature. Years ago I used an MLM product that was like this called Dri-Wash. It worked pretty well but it did not make these claims!

They claim the TopCoat F11 product will require no mechanical buffing like an orbital buffer. That sounds amazing! It is also supposed to reduce the harmful effects from bird turds, the ever-popular dead bugs that adorn the front of vehicles after driving in warmer climates, and acid rain. It can also withstand high temperatures so applying it to engines, glass stovetops, and grills is okay. I know that Harley Davidson owners have said they like the product! But what about my RV?

TopCoat F11 Claim of its Major Advantages Over Other Products

The big claim is that application is an easy one-step hand application that takes half the time of products that are classified as a wax. After the product is applied the coated surfaces are supposed to be easier to maintain and they remain clean longer! Okay, if it’s true, sign me up! There is nothing that is more time consuming than waxing an RV!

The manufacturer goes on to say that you can use less than one bottle to cover the entire surface of the vehicle you are applying it to cars, trucks, RV’s, planes, helicopters, and boats. It can be used on the surfaces of all of these which saves time and money.

Further claims: the product is a milky colored liquid that leaves no wax residue behind unlike paste waxes, It develops a deep color and shine with minimal effort, covers up light swirls and spider web scratches, amazing results on dark-colored, vehicles, and multiple layers applied over time increase protection and shine!

Now, this all sounds amazing, right? Why would anyone not buy this after reading the claims they make? It has to be true, right? After all, it’s on the internet so it must be the real thing!

Let’s Examine the FAQ Page From the TopCoat F11 Website

Where Can I Buy Top Coat F11?

Is buying some TopCoat F11 not the logical thing to do after reading all of this information? I am a vehicle enthusiast and I like my ride to look awesome, especially when it comes to my home on wheels! So, this product sounded pretty good to me.

We at yourfulltimervliving.com searched for places to purchase some product to sample. If the product worked as claimed the goal was to share it with the tens of thousands of visitors to this website. So, after researching a few sources I bought a gallon of TopCoat F11, a spray bottle, and some good microfiber towels to be sure I had quality tools to yield the best results once the application process started on Miss Tiffy.

As mentioned earlier, it was advised that the surface be properly prepared so that the Top Coat F11 would fully adhere to the painted RV surface. In addition to microfiber towels, we also purchased a kit that would help properly clean the RV and leave a streak-free and water spot free surface to apply the TopCoat F11.

Using the cleaning kit, a couple of spray bottles with filtered water and a small amount of baby shampoo and a touch of distilled vinegar added assured a spot-free wash. This mixture is what we chose to use with the lambswool applicator. Once the entire surface of the RV was clean and dry it was ready for the TopCoat F11 application process.

At this point, it was time to see if all the online claims that were made were actually true. It is as simple as spraying the product on the surface, or the microfiber towel, and wiping the clean and prepped surface. Immediately after the surface is then wiped with another clean microfiber towel in order to buff the surface to a brilliant shine.

topcoat f11
A Brilliant Shine – Watching TV and the Reflection of the Sunset on the RV Sidewall

As we started applying the product we very quickly determined that the Top Coat F11 was creating a deep shine which was especially evident in the darker colors of the RV. After doing one complete side of the RV it was clear that this new wax/sealer was something to take seriously!

It was able to be applied to the painted surface of the RV, the windows, the rubber trim, the plastic trim, the headlights, and even the paint protection film on the front cap wall. It was great to not have to worry about getting the TopCoat on any surface of the RV. It can also be used on the tires to leave a nice black finish but not the overly shiny surface that the slings off with other products.

Okay, so far so good. It was looking like the claims were all true. We even noticed a slight reduction in clearcoat swirls after the first application. But, what about longevity? How long will the product really protect the vehicle it is applied to? For vehicles that remain outside all the time, the manufacturer stated three to six months before another application is needed. We find we clean our RV and truck more often than that, so using the TopCoat F11 makes sense. Once properly prepped it never has to be washed with water again, other than rainwater.

Plus, once it is applied, you are not supposed to be able to scratch the painted surface, even when it’s dirty because the TopCoat F11 has sealed the clearcoat against being swirled from small dirt particles.

Since we purchased Miss Tiffy in July of 2018, TopCoat F11 is the only product that has been used to wax her. The picture above was taken in October of 2018 when we were down at the beach in Galveston Island. I applied another coat to the bin doors but not the upper sidewall. The rain had cleaned it off after traveling and left that shine you see. Since then I have applied another coat to the curbside sidewall.

We traveled 2,500 miles in June and July and encountered several rain events that got the vehicle dirty with road dirt from the highway. Since we have been static for a few weeks it has rained fairly heavily.

top coat f11
Here is a bin door before applying TopCoat F11. It looks pretty good, right?
top coat f11
Here is the towel used to wipe the bin door. Just a little dirt came off!
top coat f11
Here is te same bin door just a minute after applying and buffing the surface.

The cool thing is that bin door was much dirtier a week ago but because of the slick surface, the TopCoat F11 creates, rainwater can actually help to clean the surface of any vehicle it is properly applied to! You can clearly see that the bin door in the middle of the picture has an improved shine over the first photo shown.

So it appears the product is holding up per the claims the manufacturer makes.

Is this product a Top Coat F11 scam? Is it worth the cost? When you hear the hype that is out there on the internet, especially Facebook, you think that everyone says how great it is because they all want to jump on the bandwagon and profit from making sales of the product. I partake of affiliate relationships with companies as well. But, only those that I believe in and for products that actually help fellow RVers. I believe this is one of them!

I have been using Top Coat F11 for almost a year now. I recently reapplied it to my work truck. Check out that shine! It is even evident on a white vehicle.

top coat f11

This product can be used on the entire RV! In the picture below it was applied to the fiberglass shower instead of cleaning it with the usual Soft Scrub. It turned out awesome!

F11 top coat reviews
Look at that Fiberglass RV Shower! What Shine for a Three-Year-Old Unit!

Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions you have about the use of the product. I think if you try some you will become a believer too!

Happy Travels!

Howard, Pam, Lindsey, and Winston

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