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Crossing Border Into Canada – Taking the Rainbow Bridge to Canada

boondocking with dogs

Are you thinking of crossing border into Canada?  Are you going to be near the Niagara Falls area and thinking about taking the Rainbow Bridge to Canada?  Yes, there is a Rainbow bridge you can walk, bike or drive across to get into their country.  We were hoping to see our beloved pets on the …

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Boondocking with Dogs at Niagara Falls

  Hello my furry 4 legged and human followers. Lindsey here checkin’ in again with my Weekly Bark Report. This week I want to bark at you about Boondocking with Dogs at Niagara Falls. (I think a better name would be Boon-Dogging.  Whatcha all think? Or am I barkin’ up the wrong tree? Ha! Get …

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RV Safety Tips – Consider Weighing Your RV!

Traveling in an RV is one of the greatest ways to get out and visit great places.  No matter where you are you always have your home with you!  For full time RVers, this is especially true!  However, one thing I have observed in our seven years of full time RV living is that some …

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Full Time RV Living Update

Greetings from our RV! Pam, Lindsey and I are currently in Jefferson, Ohio spending some time at a Thousand Trails RV park and enjoying full time RV living!  It’s hard to believe we started doing this back in 2008 and it has already been that long ago.  Time sure goes by fast! There have been …

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Lindsey Lovin’ Small RV Living

Hello my furry and human followers.  Lindsey here lovin’ Small RV Living with my Weekly Bark Report.  Mom and Dad call our small home on wheels a Winnie-Bagel Aspect. Not sure why.  I know what a bagel is but I thought Winnie was a bear.  A poo bear to be exact.  Hmm.  He must be …

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