Lindsey, the RVing Corgi Early Spring 2018 Update

Well, Spring is finally here and I am glad!  It was a cold Winter and I don’t think my old bones could take any more of the cold weather that I and the RV have had to endure.

When I last wrote it was really cold!  I was wrapped up in my blanket that Mom bought me because it was so cold in the RV.  RV’s are not meant to be in freezing temperatures for long periods of time.  We are in Texas at the moment and I thought it is supposed to be warmer than this.

rv dogs

We had the wettest February on record since they started keeping them in the Dallas area and the tenth wettest month on record.

Up until just recently, we have still had nights in the forties.  This Corgi thinks that is a little chilly for April in Texas!  But, it looks like all that is behind us and we are warming up.  The past few days I have been panting a lot so Mom has had to run the AC to cool off the RV.  Big weather swings here in the Southland.  They say everything is bigger in Texas and I think that goes for swings in the temperatures too!  LOL

So what has this Corgi been up to?  Well, not too much.  I sleep all day in my crate because that’s where I like it, sometimes on the floor, I get up for a drink of water and to go out to potty, and then back in for a cookie and more sleeping.  At night I sleep on the bed and protect Mom and Dad.  It’s a tough life but someone has to do it.

rv dog

Mom and Dad did not move the RV as much this winter as they did last year.  At this time last year, we were in Bakersfield, CA and it was one hundred a six degrees.  Yikes!  They were there for teaching an RV Inspector training class. 

We have been taking some short trips around Texas recently, but our full time living RV has been hanging out a lot at the National RV Training Academy because that is where Dad teaches.

I hear Mom and Dad talking a lot about preparing for classes.  They help people with learning how to fix their RV’s themselves and for others who want to become RV inspectors.

I don’t mind hanging out here in Athens, TX because it is a really nice RV park with lots of room to roam, several small lakes on the property, a duck named Alfalfa that I can chase, turtles and fish, I hear coyotes at night sometimes that I can talk to, so it’s really cool.

There is also lots of activity going on the RV park because the National RV Training Academy is being built right now so there is always something for me to watch when I am out taking Mom and Dad for a walk.

Mom and Dad took the RV out last week to go help someone who had purchased a new RV and then had lots of issues with it.  They asked if Mom and Dad could help him by inspecting it, generating an RV inspection report, and then sending a copy off to the manufacturer because the issues were all covered under warranty and they needed an independent third party evaluation done on the unit.

I hear Mom and Dad talk a lot about what is going on with the RV industry these days.  They don’t think I am listening, and that I am sleeping, but my big ears hear everything!

They have noticed that RVers who are buying new ones are sure having trouble getting them road ready because there are so many issues that they are coming with from the manufacturer. 

I think I heard Dad say he was reading in March of 2018 they shipped in excess of 50,000 RV’s out of Indiana.  I was there last summer and got to meet all the Amish people and their horses.  I like it there!  Lots of things to herd because that’s what I am, a herding dog.

Sorry, I was reminiscing!  I get easily distracted in my old age!  Anyway, they talk a lot about people they hear about and how they are having issues when buying these new RV’s. 

Mom and Dad used to only inspect used RV’s, but they get as many calls for new ones now as they do for used RV’s because people are hearing of all the problems with the industry: a lot of demand and not enough laborers to handle the demand!  At least that is what I think I hear Dad say!

So, I think Mom and Dad have a really cool business because they are able to help people and sometimes I get to go along.  When they are traveling a fair distance they have to take me and my RV home along so this old girl is looked after.  And, I get to see what they are doing.

The last place we went to, at an RV dealership, the story I eluded to earlier, they parked our RV home right by the RV they were inspecting and in between naps I was able to watch what they were doing.  Dad was crawling on top, underneath, all around looking at stuff and Mom was inside doing her thing.  Dad has tools and stuff but I don’t know what that’s all about.

rv inspection

Anyway, about four hours into the inspection they were starting up the RV and leaving and I thought that was odd because it usually takes them a good six hours or more to do their work. 

I was cool with that, time to move on!  I found out the RV dealership kicked them out because they said if they had known what Mom and Dad were doing they would not have allowed them on the property.

All they were doing was inspecting the RV according to NRVIA standards.  They were there inspecting an RV that was owned by their client.  It was there because of the number of issues generated in the manufacturing process. 

They were not doing anything wrong other than documenting what they saw.  They did return the next day to finish the inspection once the issue was cleared up.

Oh well, it was a nice trip and I got to see some new places.

Well, that’s about all that has been going on since my last post.   Mom and Dad have been busy, I have been sleeping, and Frank the RV keeps moving.  It’s a Corgi’s life!

Time to go, my paws are tired from typing!

Lindsey out!

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