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Used RV Inspection – Don’t Leave Home Without One!

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RV Inspection Service

Do you have the desire to travel in an RV with your family?  Do you want to do that so you can create lasting memories with them while enjoying the freedom on the road that only comes when you travel in an RV?

Do you know what to look for when buying a new or used RV?  Have you thought about getting an RV inspection done in order to avoid buying a potential problem, or even a money pit?

Why not hire an independent RV inspection service to assist you with this process.  

Like having a home inspection done, why would you not want to spend the money on an RV inspection?  A stick built home and an RV are both homes with all the same kinds of systems. The only difference is one has wheels! 

rv inspection


Buying an RV can be a huge investment, and you can never know too much about the RV you intend to purchase.  That’s where an RV inspection can help!


But, whether you’re shopping for a previously owned RV or a new one, it’s important to know the RV’s actual condition before making an offer.  RV inspectors visually examine more than 500 items both in and outside an RV.  Detailed inspection findings are then presented in a proprietary inspection report that is generated from the facts gained in the RV inspection.

rv inspection


used rv inspection

Please keep in mind that the goal of an RV inspection is not just to inspect the equipment, but also to educate the potential buyer about the RV’s condition.  This is a snapshot of what the RV is revealing now.

During the inspection, an RV inspector will explain the condition of the RV.  You will also be provided with an RV inspection report to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Without that knowledge, you could just be buying a money pit!


Why Do You Need An RV Inspection

Many RV buyers don’t know what to look for when purchasing an RV.  This could lead to ending up with costly repairs after the purchase.  When first looking at an RV people get excited about the floorplan, the colors of the RV, it had cool lighting, etc.  They are not focusing on the things that could cost thousands of dollars to repair if not identified at the point of sale!

used rv inspection

Also, many private RV owners put their RVs up for sale thinking that their unit is in tip top shape, not realizing the potential problems they could be passing on to their buyer.

You may have heard it said that there are things you don’t know, and then there are things that you don’t know you don’t know.  A professionally trained & certified NRVIA RV inspector can spot the things that you might not think to look for and provide you with a thorough, independent, and unbiased inspection of the equipment.

used rv inspection

Make Your RV Easier to Sell

Next to a home, buying an RV is one of the biggest investments most people will ever make.

As a seller, you can help to provide prospective buyers with peace of mind by having your RV professionally inspected by an RV Inspector.

Having a complete RV inspection allows you to plan ahead for any repairs that may affect the selling price.

rv inspection


Your buyer will feel more confident about purchasing your RV, and the inspection report can help reduce post-sale issues.

With a comprehensive, easy-to-read report detailing everything that was examined by your professional RV inspector, you can confirm that your RV is a dream come true!

Prior to the inspection…

Prepare a list of questions or concerns about the RV and provide them in advance. This will help ensure that your concerns are addressed and that we can make special arrangements if necessary.

Ensure all areas of the RV are accessible to the inspector.  For example, if the washer/dryer is in a closet, all clothes and belongings should be removed from that closet.  Be sure all electrical outlets are accessible, all appliances inside and outside the RV can be tested, the RV is hooked up to all services so everything there can be tested.  Your inspector will verify these items before arriving for your scheduled appointment.

used rv inspection

During the inspection…

It is of particular importance to be present AFTER the inspection, if possible. By spending time with the inspector, you will have the opportunity to:

  • See the condition of each key component throughout the RV firsthand, giving you a better understanding of the RV and the resulting inspection report.
  • Help ease any concerns about findings which may seem distressing on paper, but may just be superficial.
  • Save time and avoid frustration by learning about the operation of various appliances and components.
  • Learn about maintenance needs and procedures, and explain how and when to check items that require periodic monitoring.
  • Have all of your questions and concerns addressed.

If it is not possible to be present at the RV inspection, and sometimes that is the case as the RV is not located near you, the RV inspector will contact you after concluding the examination to discuss the facts gained from the physical examination of the RV.

After the inspection…

Read your inspection report thoroughly.  If you have concerns or need clarification, no matter how minor the issue, please do not hesitate to check back with the RV inspector.  We are always willing to help answer all your questions about the RV inspection report.

Please be sure to use a qualified, trained professional to inspect your RV. An RV purchase is a big investment, and you deserve to have confidence in your financial decision.  I would not consider an RV tech as good of a source for an inspection.  Theirs is not always an unbiased opinion.  

I would not always take the word of an RV dealership either!  Unless the RV inspector is a third party offering unbiased opinions, you don’t know that their inspection services are accurate.  In both cases, if they do find something wrong, how do you know they are not just trying to sell you something you don’t need!

Savvy RV Buyers know the best way to save money and have peace of mind when considering the purchase of an RV, is to get it inspected by HMRVI Corporation, an NRVIA certified RV inspector!  We have your best interests in mind!  We are working for you!!  We want you to have trouble free RV travels and awesome memories while in your RV!

If you are interested in this service that is available nationwide, you may reach our office several ways:

  • Please call 850-585-1811 for more information!
  • Send an email to Howard at hmrvicorp@gmail.com.
  • Use the Area in the upper right to get a Free Report and send your RV Inspection request.
  • Request a copy of a sample report to show the level of detail we undertake to assist you in making your RV buying decision.


I look forward to serving you!


Howard Jaros – Owner
HMRVI Corporation
NRVIA Certified Inspector & Trainer

rv inspection






Before you go, watch Terry Cooper, the Texas RV Professor, talk about this!


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  1. Hilga

    Awesome info. Much needed.

  2. Kathy Jo Anderson

    Howard what is your email please?

    1. Howard

      Hi Kathy Jo! You can reach me at hmrvicorp@gmail.com

  3. Mike

    Good morning Howard…..

    You and I actually conversed via phone a little over a year ago regarding my interest toward starting a RV Inspection business. At the time, I was simply “contemplating” my retirement which will become effective in less than 3 months now! That said, I am now getting serious about this option.

    Since I am now a subscriber to your site, and have enjoyed reading about you and your wife’s “RVing Journey”, I know you would be one of the most informed sources of information regarding the reality of starting up a RV Inspection Business.

    BTW, your website is terrific!

    I have a lot of mechanical knowledge (having built race cars much of my younger life), spent the past 40+ years as a dealer/operator of new & used car dealerships, and now reaching retirement age. I have owned a number of businesses, and believe that although we are not “ready” to go full timing, (at least my wife isn’t), we will have the freedom to travel nationwide without restriction after Jan.1st; and one of my ambitions is to minimize my travel costs by incorporating a business in tandem with my motor coach.

    I would thoroughly enjoy another discussion with you when your schedule will allow.


    1. Reality of the RV Inspection business
    Corporate design
    Interaction with NRVIA
    Productivity (self vs. NRVIA)
    Territory vs. mobility

    2. Development of Website

    3. Travel
    with Inspection business
    recommended travel resources

    4. Reality of going full-time
    Choice of RV

    Thank you Howard………..I look forward to conversing with you soon!

    Mike Roberts
    404 277 4923

    1. Howard

      Hi Mike!

      I will email you personally, but until then, please take a look at a webinar the NRVIA held recently at https://youtu.be/e7nGT-sMMeQ. Drop me an email at hmrvicorp@gmail.com and I will forward a link for the update on all the great things happening at the NRVIA!

  4. Gary Fravel

    Hello, I have been an RV industry insider for 43 years.I worked my way up from to floor level assembly,I designed products as well as invented a few,worked in factory warranty and also as Sales and General management. If you are ever looking for additional inspectors. I would really enjoy working with a group like yours. I live just a few miles from the industry hubs and would be glad to assist in anyway possible.
    Please feel free to call me 260-592-7741
    Thanks ,

    1. Howard

      Thanks for stopping by our website Gary! You may email me directly at hmrvicorp@gmail.com for more information on being an RV inspector!

  5. norm

    Is the cost of inspection the same for pop up trailers? And is there a difference between heart walls and regular canvas tent walls pop ups? Is that inspection something I can research and do myself or do I need a professional. I would hate to have to pay 3/3 of the cost of the popup for an inspection if I can do it myself very tight budget and it took me forever to save enough to buy a used popup in the thousand price range.

    1. Howard

      Hi, Norm!

      For a pop-up in the $1,000 range I would say it is not worth it either. Take the money and put it into your repair fund as I am sure issues will arise!

      Happy Camping!!

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