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Do It Yourself RV TV Mount

With the advent of the newer and cheaper flat screen led TV’s, it has made it easy to upgrade those older TV’s in your used RV.  A do-it-yourself RV TV mount is a fairly easy thing to do to replace that old style analog tv. You can also get rid of the converter box and create …

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Weigh Your RV For Safety Sake!

Is it really necessary to weigh your RV?  If you keep the tire pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended value, won’t that do?  Let me suggest what could happen if you are wrong.  If you put more weight in an RV then you thought you were actually carrying, and the tires are not set at the correct …

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The Best 5th Wheel RV For You

What is the best 5th wheel RV for you?  Pam and I get asked that question a lot as we travel about. People see ours and wonder why we chose the one we did, and what would work best for them? There are so many 5th wheel makes models and price points!  It is a huge task …

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When To Replace RV Tires

TIRE SAFETY MATTERS! Of all the things on an RV that matter the most, RV tires should hit the top of the list.  When an RV tire fails, whether it is on a trailer, 5th wheel, motorhome, or any other class of RV, the damage that can be done is costly!  Think about the fact …

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Home Sweet Home – Full Time RV Living!

So, how can you enjoy your full time RV living lifestyle sooner?   There are several ways to supplement income while enjoying your full-time RV living.   There is an option called work camping that allows you to trade hours for your RV site, as well as make additional income.   Workers are always needed in …

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