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Hello my furry and human followers.  Lindsey here lovin’ Small RV Living with my Weekly Bark Report.  Mom and Dad call our small home on wheels a Winnie-Bagel Aspect. Not sure why.  I know what a bagel is but I thought Winnie was a bear.  A poo bear to be exact.  Hmm.  He must be pretty smelly if he’s made out of poo.  From my point of view our Winnie doesn’t smell so who can figure out humans?


So this week I get to tell you all about small RV living.  (I like to call it our small RoVer.  Kinda cute, huh? Get it, Dog, Rover?  Sometimes I crack myself up.  Baroooo!) At first I had to really get used to Mom and Dad crowding me in bed but I trained them good enuff.  If I push just right I can push mom right off the bed.  That let’s her know who’s the boss of this RV!

Dad takes a little more leg action to push him. There’s a really neato place to help me get up on the bed.  Our other RV didn’t have that.  I have to be first to get dibs on the bed.  If I’m really good I can even get the tv thingy and change channels for them.  I sometimes like to sleep on it just in case the need arises.

Another great thing about small RV living is that we spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the different places we stop at.  I love that because I always have lots of p-mail to answer!  Also, I get lots of Mom and Dad time. I keep close just in case they need me!


My favoritist thing about our Winne is I get to sits between the seats when we are moving down the road.  Right there by Mom and Dad makin’ sure they are doing everything just right with their hands on that wheel thing. How cool is that?!  

AND playing ring when we are moving is the bestest game every.  They throw it and I bring it back!  Adds a new level to the game.  Just need to tell y’all to be careful to not hit the bed if they round a corner or start up real quick. Stops can send me slidin’ on the floor.  Don’t like that much. I fell down the door steps once or twice and it’s scary.  

With this RV I can look out the door all the time.  Dad thinks he’s so smart putting something on the seat when they are gone but I know if I lay just right I get a clear view out the door window.  All that action going on out there that I missed in that big old Box we used to have.  

Yo, and check out the kitchen. It is so handy for me to be ready for clean up when Mom drops something chopping or hang under the table waiting for my humans to miss their mouth and drop it.  I think this small home was made for all us dogs.  I bet someone with a really cool name like Jack Russell Coachman, Jake-o Von Dash Hund, Chi Chi Huahua Thor (has identity issues) or even Winnie Beagle, Like ours! made these boxes.  Is this heaven?   

There’s this one really big storage place outside in the back.  Mom says Got-He could have left a body in there.  Don’t know this Got-He guy but I know it’s really big back there. Of course all MY stuff goes inside.  My bedroom is always close by just in case I get tired and need a nap or need to be on duty watchin’ the door when mom and dad are gone.  

All toys present and accounted for as well as leash and winnie-the poo bags right at the door for those social activities.  Gotta have your priorities.  Just so cozy for this full-time RVing pup.  What more could a dog ask for?  Toys, sleep, walks, dinner and a movie all close at hand.  I’m so glad Mom and Dad got this for me!  Barooo!

Lindsey Out!  Leave a comment for me if you would like a more personal response back instead of the usual p-mail!





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