Boondocking with Dogs at Niagara Falls

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boondocking with dogs

Hello my furry 4 legged and human followers. Lindsey here checkin’ in again with my Weekly Bark Report. This week I want to bark at you about Boondocking with Dogs at Niagara Falls. (I think a better name would be Boon-Dogging.  Whatcha all think? Or am I barkin’ up the wrong tree? Ha! Get it? I kill me sometimes.)


Dad caught me getting a snack before writing my bark report! I love Stella and Chewy!!

IMG_20150820_194513193 (640x360)


This venture was the bestest yet! We stayed at somethin’ called a Caaa-Seen-O. Mom said the name of it was Seneca Niagara. (She has to help with the big words.)  It was this really big lot behind a huge-mong-us building with lots and lots and lots of lights all over it at night. And some great pee-mail for this low-rider to check out too.

boondocking with dogs

So at this Niagara place, Mom and Dad took me there one day to check it out.  Whoa! That’s alotta water dude!  And it is movin’ really fast.  I bet even a Greyhound couldn’t catch it. I think someone musta forgot to turn off the water. That’d be one really wet house if we did that in ours.

boondocking with dogs But you know I was sooo kool sitting there at the water that all the humans around were watchin’ while I did my thing. Other people I don’t even know wanted to take my picture. Go figure. Dad called me a crowd magnet. I didn’t like being so close to all that water.  It was kinda scary but I had to pretend to be brave cuz everyone was watchin’ me. Just acted like I was chillin’ and catchin’ some rays.

boondocking with dogs

Yo, and on our way back to the Caaa-Seen-O I got to play chest.  We found some sidewalk games at a place called Old Falls Street.  Dad was gonna teach me but then some nice lady asked to take my picture to put on their website.

boondocking with dogs


How kool is that?!  All over the world humans will see me!  Fame is tough y’all but somebody’s gotta do it. (Okay, Mom just got in my face for that. Saz I don’t need a big head. A bubble butt is all we can handle in our house.)

There was this huge checkers board too, but I didn’t want to play that.  It didn’t look as fun as the chest game.  And after chest we got to kool off at a street Found-tin.  It was right by a hawnted house. I didn’t get to go in that house.  Too scary.

boondocking with dogs


Oh, oh and then I gotta tell ya about the day Mom and Dad went acrost the border.  I don’t know what that means, but Dad said I couldn’t go cuz I didn’t have my traveling papers.  Huh? I grew out of potty papers when I was a pupster.  That’s okay cuz I got a really good nap while they wuz gone.

boondocking with dogs


They walked acrost this Rainbow Bridge. I asked if they saw Maya over there cuz she went over a Rainbow Bridge last year.  No, no Maya. I’m sad about that. Then he tells me Mom almost did come back cuz she didn’t have any money to crost the bridge.  Barooo!!  He’z such funny guy. Gotta luv my Dad. I know he would’t leave Mom there.   I can’t help him drive cuz my legs are too short.  Best I could do is be co-pilot.

boondocking with dogs

Mom and Dad leave these stuffed things in the seats so I can’t write on the windows with my nose! Bummer!!

I got to see lots of purty pitures of that place Dad called Can-A-Da.  Maybe I coulda found some new furry friends from over there, ya know, eh?  (I’m trying to learn a new language. Any Can-A-Dee-An furry friends out there to help me out?)

I sure hope Mom and Dad do some more Boon-dogging at maybe some other really neato place. Stay tuned for our next adventure and feel free to bark at me below. I’ll check back with ya after my nap.

Lindsey out….


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