Finding Good Florida RV Campgrounds

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Finding Good Florida RV Campgrounds

Florida RV Campgrounds

Stephen King calls Florida the land of the newlywed and nearly dead.  I have heard others call Florida God’s waiting room.  Certainly I have observed one thing for sure: Florida RV campgrounds are old!  We have had a tough time finding parks that are newer, that offer even basic services and that have been updated recently.

Florida RV Campgrounds

Disclaimer: This is Just My Opinion!  I am Going to Have Some Written Amusement!

And, they are loaded with park models and territorial owners.  More and more of these Florida RV campgrounds are going for that crowd because it brings in income on a year-round basis.  We full time RVers are getting pushed out in favor of this particular demographic:  from up north, they come for the winter months, and they turn their noses up at RVers when in actuality the names for most of these parks have RV in it, not park model!

I am all for RVers joining the club and traveling in their RV.  It is good for the industry.  It is a great lifestyle, but we are getting squeezed out by non-RVing crowd taking over these Florida RV campgrounds.

The park we are in right now was so busy earlier in the year I could hardly get in and out of my site with all the vehicles here and due to the narrow roads of this old park.  It is called an RV Resort.  Hardly!!

Florida RV Campgrounds

Florida RV Campgrounds

There is no resort about it!  It’s old, asphalt looks like twenty miles of bad road, NARROW streets, poor sewer service that has no draw to it, you get one 50amp plug and that’s it.  We tried to sit out when the weather was nice but got eaten alive by no-see-ums and mosquito’s.  Oh, and trains all hours of the day and night!  In the busy season, there could be ten a day!

Florida RV Camprgrounds

We are sandwiched in between two park models.  On our street, there are seventy-five percent of the sites that are park models.  The rest of the park is even a higher percentage.  If you want just RV sites you park on grass and then don’t have full hookups.  They call them overflow sites.  The surprising thing is that in February people would take anything because they could not find RV sites because they waited till the last minute to book a reservation.

Florida RV Campgrounds

This place may be for some people, but it is sure not for me.  These people are all my parents age.  Hey, we are all going to get old, I just don’t have to be reminded of it every day.  Actually, it’s not the age of a person, it’s the attitude.  I call them lemon trees!  I have met some folks in their 80’s who don’t act this way.  It’s just most of these people at these Florida RV campgrounds just act old.  And nosey too!!  Tell one and the whole place knows about you.  And what they don’t find out, they make up!  I guess they have nothing better to do!

We Are Having Some Fun Now!!

Hey, I am not knocking old people, well not too much.  My parents are in their late eighties and at that age things just look a little different I guess. Have old people made Florida what it is?  What is going to happen to these RV parks when this generation is gone?  I guess there will be a lot of empty old park models!

Florida RV Campgrounds

I have been traveling around Florida for the past seven years and I have found few parks that I really liked.  The ones I did like charge $50 or more dollars per night, and in the season.  If you don’t mind parking on grass (or weeds), ants and palmetto bugs in and around your rig, being able to watch your neighbor perform acts that should be private due to closeness of RV sites, people thinking that cutting through your site is their God-given right, unlevel sites, and difficulties navigating through these parks, then some of these Florida RV Campgrounds are for you!

You can find them on most of the discount camping clubs!  You can be sure if they are offering a discount, there may a reason why!  They are great for an overnight stay, but that’s about it!  You have to check out there website and the RV Park Review website to be sure.

Again, this is my website and my opinion, and I am entitled to express it!  I want you to be aware, do your research and choose wisely, or you may have a very unhappy stay.



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    • Meaghan Niemeyer on April 25, 2019 at 4:12 PM
    • Reply

    My husband and I are looking into buying my parents RV and living in it with our 3 children until we can find something more appropriate for a small family. We’re looking around central Florida as that’s where all our family is and his new job. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Meaghan!

      Thanks for stopping by our website!

      We find that and trip advisor are a couple of good sources for finding out about parks that are in the area you are considering. We also like to use our Passport America card to see if we can save fifty percent on our RV park stays.

      Good luck with your plans! Your children may not want to go back to a house . . . LOL!

    • Joni on July 6, 2018 at 3:06 PM
    • Reply

    I’m looking for a good place for full time RV living. I would like something about 1 hr from the Gulf. I have 3 dogs. Small Lab, Cocker Spaniel and a Shutpoo…They are good dogs. I have a fifth wheeler. I’ve been in Bonita Springs. To costly. Now in Sebring. To much drama. Looking for something more north. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks for stopping by our website Joni!

      I like your comment, “too much drama.” We experience that a lot if Florida due to the demographics of the RV parks and the need that some have to be in everyone’s lives. Some people just can’t go a day without gossiping.

      We have not stayed north of the Tampa area for any length of time, so no experience there. You can research parks where you think you want to be and check out to see what others are saying. We find that a credible source. Once you have done that a trip to the potential new location would probably be worthwhile.

      We have found it best to keep to ourselves at first until we find out more about the parks we stay in and the people that live there. It is just the nature of the lifestyle given that we live in close quarters to each other for the drama to occur. Choose your friends carefully and life will be fine. Costs should be better as you head north and inland. However, access to the Gulf will be a little more limited and the beaches are nicer around your current locale.

      We have spent a lot of time in the panhandle and find that more to our liking. The beaches are nicer and the crowds are consistently less outside of the ninety days of summer.

      I hope that helps!

    • Ron on February 14, 2018 at 8:16 PM
    • Reply

    Can you suggest any good camp grounds in Florida?

    1. Hi Ron!

      Thanks for stopping by our website!

      Where are you looking in Florida? This time of year is the worst time to find a place because it is expensive as everybody in the northern United States and Canada want to go to Florida. Especially this year since it has been so cold and snowy up north!

    • Jack Schmidt on May 29, 2015 at 1:06 PM
    • Reply

    Way to get me all excited about coming to Florida for the winter seasons to work as a mobile RV Inspector!

    1. Hi Jack! Yes, we’d love to have you in Florida doing RV inspections ( next winter! Just choose your destinations carefully! You can kind of tell how nice a park is by what they charge for their monthly rates. Not always, but mostly the case. Research on and are great resources to verify the RV park of your choice!

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