An RVing Corgi Answer- How Does RV Water System Work!

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Baroooo! Lindsey checking in with my Bark Report. Boy, my bad.  Mom says I just haven’t been barking enough the last couple weeks. (Insert dirty look from dad.) But I am here to bark at you this week  to answer inquiring minds asking, how does RV Water System work.

I promised Dad I would do better for y’all. I am now using something called Grammarly to run in the background of everything I type.  It helps me write better. That includes any e-barkmails, my Bark Report or any thing I use on the computer. I had to tuck my tail between my legs (Oh wait!  I don’t have one!) and have this help me out. Sometimes I’m not too good with spelling and grammar. This should make it easier to read.  But I am still a work in progress.

rv fresh water tank

This week I want to bark at you about the water systems in our moving house and let you know, yes they do work. It’s soo cool we can use them 2 different ways. When in a campground we use the stuff called city water. Dad hooks up that white hose from the faucet outside, and check this out, right onto the side of our moving house. Wow. First time I saw that I thought we might need Noah to build us an ark. High tide coming in! But all is good. Just a tip, be sure to use a drinking water hose, not a garden hose. 

So when we don’t have that hose running to our house, we use water from a big tank right under our bed. It holds all the water for us to use wherever we go. (Otherwise, we’d need this REALLY long hose if you get my drift.) This tank is right under our bed which I like to call our “water bed”. Sometimes you can even hear it sloshing when we’re driving. Just like the ocean. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

When we want water, all Mom or Dad do is push a switch and turn on the faucet. Ta Da! You hear this BRRRRR…..BRRRRR….BRRRR.  Presto. Water! Dad told me it’s called a water pump. It creates the pressure to push the water from our “water bed” to the sink, toilet or shower. How neat is that?! It burps and we have water.

If we kept using the pump, we wouldn’t have a “water bed” anymore.  Then Dad needs to fill it. He hooks up that white hose outside to our house and flips a different switch. If you have super big ears you can hear the water filling under our bed. Humans can’t hear as good, so there is this pipe underneath our house that will sound like a waterfall if it gets too full. Look out! High tide! 

Next we have this other tank called a gray tank. We used to have 2 of them bad boys in our other moving home. One was called a gray tank and one was called a galley tank. The galley guy caught our kitchen and shower water. I sent a lot of my doggy smell down that one whenever Mom gave me a bath. In that moving house, the gray tank caught Mom’s laundry water. We only have one in our house now so all shower and sink water goes in it. If they get too full, they can back up inside.

Now we come to the smelly tank humans call the black tank. That’s where all the icky toilet stuff goes down. (Not mine, mind you. Mom did show me this really cool video of a pup that learned to use a human toilet. Oops! Rabbit Trail. I’ll just stick to my outside potty thank you very much.) If you want to look really smart, remember, black before gray and you’ll be okay. You’ll be the hit of the campground.

Speaking of emptying those tanks, your moving home should have these little sensor things on them.  They tell your humans the level of the stuff in your tank.It’s a panel on the wall with lights.  When they read F, time to go pull those handles outside that Dad calls Gate Valves.  Then it’s Stand back, she’s gonna flow! I sometimes sit on that scrunchy hose going into the ground for Dad to be sure it doesn’t come off.  We don’t want a fecal indiscretion.  It’s just not neighborly. 

Dude, seriously.  I want you to know I have not been slacking off the past couple weeks Working here! Helped out at Workamper Rendevous, NRVI Convention and then Dad had a class to teach all right here in beautiful Heber Springs, AR. It was way kool.  With a capital K! 

But as with all good things, it must come to an end. Soon we will be like geese and head farther south.  Do stay tuned for more fun stuff next time.  If you are lying awake at night and can’t catch some good zzzz’s, feel free bark at me below.  I love hearing from y’all. 

Until next time,

Lindsey out……

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