Full Time RV Living: Making Money While Enjoying the Lifestyle!

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Pam and I get into many discussions with potential full-time time RVers about the cost of living the full-time RV lifestyle. One question that always comes up is how can these costs be subsidized so one can enjoy being a full-time RVer?  Are there ways to live the full-time RV lifestyle and make a living while doing so?  That would be a big Yes!


Spending time at a family member’s lake house

I will offer some suggestions of things we have tried.  Some of these we are still doing in order to continue to enjoy something that we love to do: travel from spot to spot, enjoy new places, never stay longer than a month in one spot, and be able to deduct expenses because of our activities.

Now, by the time you have made it this far into reading this blog you are probably screaming, “tell me more!  Of course, I would like to know how to fund my travels and possibly be able to write them off on my taxes!”

Now, I have to say that I can neither confirm nor deny what I am going to say here about tax benefits as I am not a tax expert.  I can only relay my experiences based on information that has been adopted by me and recommended by my CPA / Lawyer.


Work Camping

To many looking at the full-time RV lifestyle, the concept of work camping is still a new one.  Basically, anyone who lives in an RV and works, they are considered work campers.  Now that can be working for someone else or for someone who runs a business out of their RV.

There are some tax advantages to working for someone else and living in your RV depending on the job situation, but there are even better opportunities when you have a business and operate that business from your home on wheels.  More on that later.

The best way to find these work camping jobs is to find a service that puts you in touch with employers who are looking for folks just like you.  Pam and I have used Workamper News to secure jobs in places we have wanted to visit and work.  We have responded to employers postings for job opportunities using this source.  Employers have also contacted us because of our resume was listed with the Workamper News online system.

We have been using this service since 2010.  We have worked in RV parks around the country and found them because of this type of service.  And again, these were places we wanted to visit.  We have spent time in areas of interest to us and made money while we were there.  Some of these opportunities were just to work for our RV spot a few hours a week and others were full time jobs that paid an hourly wage in addition to supplying us an RV site.

Now, most of these work camper opportunities will not create a full time income, but they will help subsidize those who want to travel and have some of the costs covered.

That also brings up another point.  You don’t want to come into the full-time RV lifestyle with huge payments on a new RV!  Not unless you can afford the payment because it is being paid by investments that are funding your lifestyle.  RV’s depreciate rapidly and one must consider this when purchasing one.  

This is where a trusted tax advisor and CPA can help evaluate your situation and best guide you.  It is even better if you can find one that understands the full-time RV lifestyle!


Starting An Online Business

Do you have your own website?  If not, you should!  Let me share why.

There are many companies that offer to pay people to put affiliate links on their websites for products they use and recommend.  Given the power of today’s internet and the global reach of Google search engine results, it is possible to run a worldwide business from the comfort of your RV.

I started a few websites a number of years ago.  I have continued to learn and develop them and they have started to create a consistent income.


Lindsey also shares her opinions on our website

Basically, this is how this works.  You use products and services that you enjoy.  You apply to those companies and ask for an affiliate link that you can place on your website. As you write articles about these items you can place links that visitors to your website pages click on.  Once they visit that company’s website and buy because of your advice, you receive a commission for the effort.

Over time, these small commission payments can add up to a nice little income.  It can be one that funds your travels.  It is something you can do anywhere you are located and at any time.  If you are a night mole this is a great way to be productive while staying up late!


Starting an RV Inspection Business

There is a rising need for RVers who understand them and are willing to help people who are buying used RV’s in making a good purchasing decision!

used rv inspection

There are folks who are traveling the country in their RV’s and doing RV inspections in areas where they want to visit.  They have also been traveling to areas where they are needed.  These are people who have started a limited liability corporation or an S corporation and have contracted with companies who desire their expertise.

This is an awesome business model for someone who enjoys, or wants to start enjoying, the full-time RV lifestyle!  Not only can they do something they enjoy but they can help others enjoy it too!  There are also many tax advantages to this type of arrangement as operating an inspection business that requires traveling to different locations can help fund that travel.



These are just a few options that you can consider if you want to fund your full-time RV living lifestyle!  We are very familiar with all of these and would be delighted to talk to you about any ways in which we can help you! Please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.


Blessings, Howard & Pam


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