Full Time in a Small RV – How Small a Space Can You Live in?

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Well, we did it!  We decided, due to business needs, to full time in a smaller RV!  For the past six plus years, we have been living in our forty foot 5th wheel pulled by our Freightliner Sportchassis.  It was very comfortable and served our needs well for that time.

But one thing is for sure.  When it came to moving day it never happened quickly!  There was always a list of things to do and everything had to be moved around in order for the 5th Wheel RV to be ready to move.  We, as well as other full time RVers, have had the discussions about larger 5th wheels, that they are great while stationary but a major stress event when it comes to rolling your RV home down the road.

Since beginning our RV Inspection business, we have felt that being more mobile would be beneficial in developing our business further.  The ability to move at will and with greater efficiency is needed.  So far, this is working well!  Since we have gone from 40′ to 29′, we have had no problem adjusting to the new space!

We have overcome the storage issues by acquiring a 6×12 V-nosed Diamond Cargo trailer to handle the items that we want with us: Honda scooter, bikes, personal items, etc.  Since the RV can handle towing 5,000 lbs with a 350 lb tongue weight, we are well below those numbers for our needs.

As far as the inside, the floor plan that we chose, the 27K for the Winnebago Aspect, has what we needed to be comfortable for our needs. We have been in the RV for almost a month, driven it 500 miles around Florida, and are very happy with how it is meeting our full time RV living requirements!

We can be on the road in an hour compared to a day or two.  And with our RV inspection business growing as it is, we need that kind of flexibility.  For some, that may not be an issue.  But for most, moving a 5th wheel can definitely be a stressful situation.  Ours was approaching ten years old and with every move new issues would arise.

There is nothing like rolling down the road in a motorized RV and being able to see what is going on in your RV as you travel the fine roads of these United States!

Has the smaller space been a detriment  to us?  Absolutely not!!  I can’t say we could have come from our 3,800 square foot house to this RV right off, but the jump from that to the fifth wheel, to this was a logical progression that was doable for us.

Sure, the shower is smaller, we don’t have a washer and dryer anymore, and we lack the openness of what we had, but we have a goal in mind and this new RV helps us to reach that goal.

Could you do the same?  I would say rent one first and see what it is like before you spend the bucks!  Oh, and by the way, we found our “like new” two-year-old RV at Lazydays and it was just what we were looking for.  I also inspected it and was happy with what we found.

It is always best to buy used!  You save a lot of money that way!  Just be sure to have a certified RV inspection done so you know what you are buying.

I will post more about the full time in a small RV living experiences soon!  Stay tuned!!

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