Camping Etiquette – Lindsey the Corgi’s Bark Report

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camping etiquette

Barooo! It’s me Lindsey with my latest Bark Report.  This time, I want to bark at you about Camping Etiquette.  

As a fulltime camping pupster, I’ve seen alot of campers that maybe just don’t know what is considered polite and what isn’t.  And since Mom and Dad are always barkin’ at me to be a considerate camper, I’d like to share some of that with y’all.

First off never, never poo on someone else’s site.  If you just gotta go really bad, make sure you stay close to the road and your pet parents pick it up and throw it out.  The poop fairy doesn’t visit RV Parks and magically make your poo disappear.  Nasty! And you won’t make a friend if someone steps in your little gift in the dark.

camping etiquette

Tell your parents that there is a really cool thing that goes on your leash.  I think it’s called poopy Bags on Board.  That way it’s easy for them to take care of minor (or sometimes major?) indiscretions.  I like t’call it the No-excuse, On the Go Go, Doo Doo Delivery, Don’t Leave Home Without Them, Oopsie Poosie Pick Ups.  Catchy, huh? 

Oh hey, to all you leg lifters, squirtin’ on tires is so redneck.  Unless your name is Bubba J,  use a tree or squat like a girl.  Service dogs do.  Dad threatened my cousin Leinie he’d cut off his ….. if he used his tires for his personal pee-mail service. (You fill in the blank.)  Leinie is purdy smart for a labra-dork do he didn’t dare if he knew what was good for him.

Mom’s always telling me don’t cut through occupied sites.  Dude! Rude!  Give them their space.  I mean seriously, you could interrupt their meal, trip over their yard adornments, scare the cat, get bit by their dog, trip over their hoses and cords (possibly unplugging them, creating a human poo incident or power outage). And it’s jest not neigh-bor-ly.

And then if you are like me, we have to warn off intruders. It’s our job according to the doggie manual ya know. Makes for cranky neighbors listening to us talk all the time.  You are campin’, enjoy it and get read some new pee mail on your walk-about. Jest take your humans on a tour and walk around.  If it’s that urgent, drop your drawers in the road like I have to sometimes.  Campgrounds aren’t that big that you need to do cut thru’s.  

Oh yo, and speaking of noise, another thing in campgrounds is they have this thing called quiet time. The walls in our moving houses are thin.  If you can hear someone or something outside, chances are they can hear you inside.  Enuff with the Top Gun music after 10 already.  I like to catch some zzz’s without feeling the floor and walls vibrating.  

Tell your humans to try not to arrive at the campground in the wee hours of the morning. There is nothing like the sound of your pet parents shouting at each other and then the beep beep beep of one of those really big noisy buses trying to back into a spot.  Indoor voices if you do arrive late. 

Next on the list is parking in your own spot.  You didn’t pay for 2 spots so don’t park on 2.  How would you like to arrive after a long day of drivin’ only to find the site you are s’pose to have has a car on it?  If the office is closed for the day, your neighbors aren’t there to move their car, it’s dark, you’re tired, now what? Doesn’t make for happy campers.   Curt-a-see please!  

The office can help you out if you can’t fit all your stuff on your spot. They are nice that way. That’s why they work there. Some of our humans can get cranky after drivin’ our big moving houses so jest think of them.   

And lastly I want to bark at you about is going really fast thru the park. The nice campground owners are just trying to keep everybody safe and have fun. Imagine, you come out for a nice walk, or you are in the middle of copping a squat and suddenly this car comes around a corner at mach one and almost runs you over.  

Or the little people that come out suddenly and scare me.  I always tell Mom it’s good I’m not a car or I could have runned them over.  When it’s really busy in RV parks it’s sometimes hard to see around every moving home on wheels. A lot of them are really really big.  If they run you over that will ruin everybody’s day.

So the theme of this report is if everyone is well behaved we can all have a good time when we go RVing. Be safe and Happy Tails (even though I don’t have one).


Until next time,
Lindsey out….. 

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