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Work Camper Jobs in Florida – We Need Help!

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work camper jobs in florida

Winter will soon be upon us, and the migration of Northerners heading to warmer climates will begin once again. Some come with RV’s, and some are returning to their winter homes, whether they be a park model or some other type.  Lots of the RVing folks come looking for work camper jobs in Florida because there are a lot of them to be had.

I have already noticed the increase in work camper ads starting to appear in Workamper News.  Most of the work camping Florida opportunities are focused on RV parks looking for individuals and couples for work in housekeeping, maintenance, park hosts, activities directors, and cooks, etc.

work camper jobs in florida

A lot of these jobs are filled by the same folks each year.  They return to the same RV park each winter and work there in order to pay for their RV campsite.  Some just work enough to cover those costs, and others work a 32-40 hour a week schedule. It just depends on the RV park’s needs.  In any case, if you are looking to migrate for work camping in Florida, start looking now for the best choices of jobs in the places you want to go.

Now, work camping does not have to only be working in an RV park and trading hours for that site to be considered work camping.  As I have said in other posts, if you live in your RV, and you have a job, whether that is working from your RV running a business, or working at another location, you are work camping.

What About Running an RV Related Business?

Do you love RVing?  Would you like to know more about how to easily fix eighty percent of problems that arise in an RV, and perhaps create a business that you can operate out of your RV?  What about the tax advantages of such an idea?  Would those skills also make you more desirable to an RV park owner?

I took this class to do just that!  It was fantastic!  I have been living in my RV, full time, for six years and I did not know about a lot of the things Mr. Cooper taught in his five-day class.  I took the class to make myself more valuable to prospective RV park owners looking for work campers with more than just average skills.  Even though I have always work camped in maintenance positions, given my electrical and engineering background, I still wanted to broaden my Workamper resume.


Then the light bulb in my head lit up!  Do you mean I can take this knowledge and help make people’s RV experience even better?  Would I be able to offer folks a way to know that the RV they are buying is as the seller claims it to be?  Would I want to be an RV Inspector?

Then I heard there was going to be a huge need in Florida for RV inspectors! This is being launched in Florida first.  It is launching nationally, but given Florida is the number one RV sales state, focus definitely needs to begin there.  Then I heard, “we need your help!”  I said “I am turning the key! Where do you want me to go?”

work camper

But, I had to do a few things first before I could step in an RV in order to help out a prospective buyer/seller.  I obviously had to complete my five-day class (it is also taught online but I wanted hands-on in this case), pass certification tests, be sure to have a business entity to support my new activities, insurance to cover my business, and contract with the folks that are making this all possible.

Why contract with a national entity to do RV Inspections?  Well, there are two options.   Someone can join the NRVIA and go out on their own, perhaps adding this service to an existing home inspection business, for example.  The marketing and customer acquisition is all up to the individual.

But, with RV Inspection Connection, a new inspector is joining a nationwide network that allows the inspector to use proprietary software to aid in creating professional reports, benefit from national advertising to secure quality leads, ongoing training, network with like-minded individuals who will support your new business, and be part of the premier RV inspection company in the industry!  Instead of the phrase, show me the CarFax, it will soon be show me the RV Inspection Report!

work camper

Tell them Howard Sent You! (NRVIA Lifetime Member #135)

Now, why is this so much better than working in a campground for peanuts? Well, I am to young to retire, and even if I did I would be bored out of my mind!  This idea of RV inspections was one that allows me to be involved in something I love to do and make it more safe and enjoyable for others who are just starting to discover RVing.  Hey, what about the tax advantages? That’s material for another post!

Why safer?  Well, unless an RV has been professionally inspected by a well trained, third party, and unbiased RV inspector than you are taking your chances when purchasing an RV.  Are dealers reputable  Are sellers really disclosing all?  We would sure hope so!  Most are, but why take a chance that some unknown issue is lurking within that RV, and could cost you thousands to fix once it’s purchased and on the road!

work camper jobs in florida

So, we need your help!  We need hundreds of RV inspectors in the state of Florida alone.  As this grows, and it will quite quickly, we need folks to jump on board and join us in our mission of offering RV inspections done right!

One of the best things about this is an RVer can be mobile.  They can work in Florida, and in the summer go somewhere else if they want.  Through the RV Inspection Connection’s system, Rvers can move about the country and still have work in any area they choose to visit!

Want to know what you can make as an RV inspector?  Drop me an email, or give me a call.  We can discuss that further!


Please leave a comment before you go!  We would like to know what you think after reading this page, or if you have further questions.  You may also email us at for more information.

Howard and Pam
Certified NRVIA RV Inspector – Trainer


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    • Christopher Rice on January 6, 2023 at 11:53 AM
    • Reply

    We are interested in RV inspection. We are looking at 2023 2024 November to May work in southern fla near beach
    I am a building inspector retired and a code official licensed in Massachusetts

    1. Hi Christopher!

      I will send you information to the email address that you left in this thread.

    • Lindsay & Tim on August 26, 2021 at 12:27 PM
    • Reply

    We have experience in maintenance, housekeeping, and management. Currently in Sebring Fl. Looking for an immediate opening or very soon. Current space has sold and have 1 month to relocate. We are both 34 enthusiastic and full of energy and ready to work! We have a 36ft 5th wheel.

    1. Hi Lindsay and Tim! Have you checked with for assistance in locating good work camper jobs?

    • James Koski on March 16, 2021 at 9:11 AM
    • Reply

    Hello. The wife and I are new RVer’s, we just bought a class c and plan to take weekend trips throughout Florida. We live near Melbourne and I still have a full time job with the Gov’t. For several years we’ve been saying someday we’re getting an RV and going everywhere. Originally we planned to wait until I retired at 62 to get going (8 more years) but now that we have been out and the wife is totally onboard. In fact she said we should go full time soon.
    We bought a new (2021) RV and didn’t get an inspection, never knew RV inspectors exsisted. Now I have ordered the home course from NRVTA and plan to take the fundamentals class in person in May and the other two classes a month or so later for the inspection track. I looked up inspectors in my area and saw that the closest was in Orlando, an hour away, then Daytona from the North and Vero Beach from the South. The lightbulb came on and said I can be “the” inspector that covers that gap. I had planned to form an LLC and offer services. Not looking to get rich, just supplemental income for hobbies and vices.
    I am interested to hear what the benefits of contracting with the RV Inspection Connection. Costs, marketing, training, mentoring, etc…. as opposed to just going out on my own.
    Thanks for your time and I love your site. Tons of great info.

    1. Hi James!

      We’ll look forward to meeting you in May! The RVIC option no longer exists for Certified NRVIA inspectors, which is a good thing. We train you and you get to keep all the money!

    • Matthew Petrozzo on February 19, 2021 at 10:26 AM
    • Reply

    My wife and i are new to the rv lifestyle !We are having fun but we would really like to explore the work camping options.I am very handy and mechanically inclined .we look forward to hearing from you!We are new to all of this but we are having fun

    1. Hi Matthew!

      Thanks for stopping by our website! The best source for finding work camping jobs is You can get a 30-day free trial to check out their offerings. They have been our source since 201o for work camping jobs and other opportunities.

      Best wishes!!

    • Aaron Mcfarland on April 22, 2019 at 5:37 AM
    • Reply

    Hello. Im a 45 year old male from wv working in the maintenance department. And am looking for a way to move to fla. And would be very interested in working and living at a campground in fla. If there is anyway to work out work for lot rent and also make a check. I would be very interested. Thank you.. Aaron

    1. Hi Aaron!

      Thanks for stopping by our website.

      The best source for jobs like this is at I worked in the maintenance department in a park in northern Florida. I worked 35 hours a week to pay for my site as well as to make a check each week. I don’t know what your monthly needs are, but workamping is not like a regular job. It’s meant to supplement other income. We have been in RV parks that paid $13/hour for 23 hours of work, but that is not the norm.

    • Tom carroll on June 17, 2018 at 10:48 AM
    • Reply

    I have been a workcamper for 2yrs now have done food service,light maintenance,ranger,and love working with kids looking for a single job near Orlando or anywhere in flordia for the winter. Maybe fall 2018 very people friendly resume on requests thanks tom

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tom!

      Have you put your resume on the system? That would be the best way to connect with employers who are looking for you.

    • Maryann Lowry on June 16, 2018 at 8:28 PM
    • Reply

    Hi I am looking for a campground or resort to assist in reservations. I have 30 plus years in retail. I live in flirida and looking to work for my site not money.

    1. Hi Maryann!

      Thanks for stopping by our website!

      As I mentioned in the website post, you can use the system to locate jobs in areas that you want to work. Check that out and see if a free membership might get you the information you need.

      Best wishes and happy workamping!!

    • Greg Hugie on May 6, 2018 at 5:34 PM
    • Reply

    Hey Howard,

    I am interested in possibly becoming an RV Inspector and I like your nationwide concept. I have be an IT consultant for many years and do projects when I get them, however RV inspection could be something I might be able to do between projects.

    I understand the requirements and am wondering how long and approximate cost to become certified and qualify for you company?


    1. Hi Greg!

      Thanks for inquiring about the RV inspector business.

      I will respond to your questions via your email with a brochure attachment.

    • Niels Willemse on May 23, 2017 at 4:09 PM
    • Reply

    I am living in the Netherlands and since a year i have dream to become a fulltime rv person and i think this is an absolute perfect chance to do so. But i have no engineering background or know anything about rv’ and motorhomes in general, neither do i have money to visit the states and see if this is something for me. I am only 48, no wife no kids but recently met an american woman whom i am really fond of. So she is a great point of interest to come to the states.
    I wrote earlier this week but my reply wasn’t placed.

    Hoping to read a reply from you.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi, Niels!

      I replied to you on our “About Us” page where you left the first comment.

    • zvi shalev on October 19, 2016 at 12:29 PM
    • Reply

    We are an Israeli senior couple (Sara 63, Zvi 69), full-time RVers.
    We arrived in the USA a year ago, bought a motorhome and a Jeep and started our new way of life as a full-time RVers.
    Zvi (Ph.D.) was a building contractor with an agricultural background and a regional planner.
    I worked as an office manager and vice treasurer in the leading newspaper in Israel.
    We have four children and seven grandchildren living in Israel.
    We are looking for a part time job as work campers in Florida for up to 2 months, for a full-hook-up for our motorhome.
    Last three months we spent as maintenance workers in Colorado.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sara Yahimovich & Zvi Shalev
    Tel: 346-802-1373 (We’ll be connected starting Oct. 25)

    1. Greetings Sara!

      Thanks for visiting our website!

      The best source for finding work camping jobs is Workamper News! We have used this service for years, not only to find these sorts of jobs, but also to expand the possibilities of the work camper experience.

      Please visit and sign up for a free membership. You can receive a free daily email hotline as well as the free bi-monthly magazine that lists work camper opportunities all over the country. If you like this resource you can upgrade and receive many more options to help improve your workamper experience.

      Happy Travels!!

    • Dan Harsh on July 28, 2016 at 10:15 AM
    • Reply

    Hello, Our names are Dan and Kathi. We are recently retired and would like to get into the field of being a work camper. We just don’t know exactly how to go about this. We can move at the drop of a hat, we have our own 38 foot tag along. Any information that you can give us or any direction that you could point us in would be highly welcomed.
    Thank you for your time.

    Dan and Kathi

    717-271-1002 or

    1. Hi, Dan and Kathi!

      Congrats on moving into the full time RV lifestyle! It’s an exciting time for sure!

      As a member of Workamper News for six years, I can safely say this is the best way to locate jobs in places that you want to love and work! The folks at Workamper News are awesome! If you can, there is a three-day event in Heber Springs, AR in October that would really get you off on the right foot with the lifestyle. I’ll be there!!

      Visit and you can get all the details about them and the October Rendezvous. Please feel free to continue to visit our website! You are always welcome to email me at

      Hopefully, you’ll see us in the future and come say hello!!

    • Thomas Havens on May 5, 2016 at 10:50 PM
    • Reply

    I would be interested for part time work for winter please send more information. I have done mechanical work on cars and trucks.

    1. Hi, Thomas!

      Thanks for stopping by our website!

      You can locate Workamper jobs in Florida at Workamper News posts job listings all over the country every day. Register for their daily hotline and magazine to keep updated on what is available in Florida. If you would be interested in being an RV inspector in Florida, check out

    • Wade Hargis on December 30, 2015 at 11:46 AM
    • Reply

    We are very interested in doing this we are a couple in our 30s we have 2 5th wheels. We are looking for work during the winter and spring months. We are currently in Oklahoma. We have a dredge in the bering sea in Alaska. Our winter is getting very boring we are looking forward to making a adventure. Thanks Wade Hargis.

      • Wade Hargis on December 30, 2015 at 11:59 AM
      • Reply

      We know our way around a camper and enjoy helping and teaching people. This sounds like it would be a great opportunity for us. Thank you Wade and Annie Hargis.

      1. Thanks for checking in Wade! Please let me know if I can provide you with more information. Happy travels!

        • Tim Heschke on March 14, 2021 at 12:40 PM
        • Reply

        Looking for this fall, winter southern Florida
        Open for almost any gig

        1. Check out

    1. Thanks for checking in Wade! Please let me know if I can provide you with more information. Happy travels!

    • April Bassett on January 24, 2015 at 9:25 PM
    • Reply

    I am turning 65 in April, and started entertaining the idea of a RV lifestyle today after spending a significant amount of time in your website. Looking at this page I would like to see more information about job prospects throughout the US, not just in the state of Florida. With gas prices as high as they have been, I think less people are interested in purchasing RV’s.
    Also as someone looking to sign up for the coursework opportunity you offer, I would need more information along the lines of cost, time investment, statistics of profitability etc. That’s my opinion for what its worth.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my website April! I am excited that you would consider the RV lifestyle after visiting my website! However, I would say, before jumping in you try it first. If you have never been RVing it would be a good idea to rent one and stay on the road for a month and see if you can live in a smaller space.

      RV sales are at the highest level that they have been in the past 38 years! Gas prices are down significantly, although the people that but RV’s don’t really care too much about fuel costs, at least for full timers anyway. The full time RV population is growing as more people find the benefits match the lifestyle they want to live. But, it is not for everyone. I suggest people do lots of research before jumping into being full time RVers.

      As far as an opportunity as an RV inspector and your current situation, that’s a whole other kettle of fish that you and I would need to discuss on an individual basis. I would be happy to do that if you want to drop me an email at with more specifics on your current situation and what you are looking for in a work camper job.

      Happy upcoming 65th!!

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