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berkey water filter reviews

Berkey Water Filter Reviews – Berkey Water Filters Exposed

Do you think your water is safe to drink just because it is clear?  Even though it may be safe you may still be suspicious of your water but not sure if you should filter it or purify it.  I believe my Berkey water filter reviews will help to “clear up” the need for water …

blink xt2 camera

Blink XT2 Camera – Best Pet Cameras that are Wireless!

As RVers who have been enjoying the full time RV life since 2008, there is one thing that has always concerned us, but we have never found a good solution to the problem! Our concern is that when we leave the RV, and the fur-kids are alone, especially in the summer, what would happen if …

F11 Top Coat Reviews and the TopCoat F11 Scam

Being full time RVers and living in basically what is a big painted box that requires maintenance just like a car does, we at were very interested in the TopCoat F11 product when we learned about it in mid-2018! After looking at some of the F11 Top Coat Reviews that are out there, we …

rv battery charger

RV Battery Charger – Choose One That is Dual Purpose

RV Battery Charger RV batteries are one of the lifeblood items of an RV!  Without sufficient 12-volt battery power, neither the chassis battery system or the RV house battery system will function.  RV systems require 12-volt power in order to run the control boards that allow appliances in the RV to work, even if the …

rv replacement mattress

The Best RV Replacement Mattress – An RV Memory Foam Mattress

Full time RV living is an awesome way to live for those that have an adventurous and nomadic spirit! But, if those that enjoy it can’t get a good night sleep, then adventures on the road could be a little troublesome. So, when RVers are having trouble getting a good nights sleep on their RV …

RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Your RV Can’t Afford to be Without it!

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this website, I love the RV lifestyle!  So much so that I live in mine all the time!  It is a great way to see the country, to work where and when I want, and to visit and stay in places that I choose.  Since hitting the road in …

Wireless Camera Backup System – This Handy Device Has Many Uses!

If you are looking for a device that not only helps you backup any vehicle safely, but also has many other uses when a wireless camera is needed, then this is it!   Have you ever hooked up a trailer with some one behind going, “a little more . . . no, go to the …

Portable Air Conditioner Reviews – Would One Help Your RV When It’s Really Hot?

Pam and I spend a good portion of our full time RV living in warmer climates.  We have wondered if a portable ac unit would help really cool the rig down when it’s in the nineties, and with high humidity?  So we started looking at portable air conditioner reviews to see if we could find …

King Controls Jack Antenna – Is It Worth It To Put It on Your RV?

If you are using the old Winegard batwing TV antenna, you may want to switch over to the King Controls Jack Antenna!  We have a 2006 Newmar 5th wheel that came with the conventional antenna that was designed for receiving VHF TV signals.  When things switched over to HDTV a few years ago, we not only …

What is the Best RV Air Conditioner?

Pam and I had to deal recently with something that is a major issue when you live in an RV in the summer. We felt it was time to replace the rooftop AC unit!  The question was to do it myself or to hire someone to take care of the project.  The next question I …

RV Space Heaters – The Best Electric RV Heater

When it gets cold an RV can be a chilly place to inhabit!  RV propane furnaces are designed to adequately heat RV spaces, but they consume propane at a rapid pace.  Some people turn to electric space heaters to cut the chill.  So, what is the best electric RV heater to help you when the …


    • Tracey C Armstrong on February 2, 2015 at 8:50 AM
    • Reply

    My husband and I will be living in an RV full-time very soon. We are in the market for a 5th wheel and want information on the best ones that have the least amount of problems. Can you tell me which ones are the best? Thanks

    1. Thanks for stopping by our website Tracey! This is a tough question when it comes to 5th wheel RV’s! People who choose to enjoy fulltime RV living require many different things depending on how they choose to use the RV. Are they going to travel a lot? Do they need a washer/dryer? What is their budget? Are they buying new or used? How big a 5th wheel do they require based on the truck they have to pull it? What floor plan will suit them best because not all RV manufacturers offer the same floor plans.

      If you can decide how you are going to use the RV first, finding the best one for you will be easier. Please check out this link here on my website. This may help you to narrow down your criteria.

      Remember, when it comes to RV’s you get what you pay for!! Just my opinion but that is what I have noticed after years of checking them out.

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