Nov 25

Don’t be an Ugly Workamper!

My friend Steve Anderson over at Workamper News says that there is a shift going on in the workamper world.  There is a changing paradigm among the newer crop of workampers entering the lifestyle.  And unfortunately, from what some employers are saying, they are not happy about it!



What is a Workamper?


According to Arline Chandler of Road Work: the Ultimate RVing Adventure, she likes to call workampers adventurous individuals or couples who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines all kinds of full or part-time work with RV camping.


Now this does not have to be working specifically at a campground, but a lot of these jobs do involve that kind of work.  What some of these campground owners are saying is that the Boomer population that are applying for these workamper jobs are just not what they used to be!


What is a Paradigm Shift?


A paradigm shift is a radical change in underlying beliefs.  For example, putting skilled teachers in failing schools would cause a paradigm shift in teaching and education.


It can also be an acceptance by the majority of a belief that has changed.  Perhaps also an attitude or a way of doing things.


The old paradigm was “I am workamping because I love the lifestyle, l love helping people, and I want to do everything I can so other people can have a great experience at my employers place of business!”


This is where the workamper paradigm shift comes in.  Lately, it seems a lot of people coming into the lifestyle, those that just want a “free RV site,” have the attitude that workamping is going to be a lot of work but they will endure it anyway!

ugly workamper

Don’t Be The Ugly Workamper!


Have you heard the phrase, the good, the bad, and the ugly?  Well we have too many ugly workampers out there these days.  I have worked with them! They are the kind of people that can make lemons appear sweet!  You could say it’s a beautiful sunny day, and they will turn it around and say, “yea, just what I need is more sun!”


You know the kind of folks I am referring to.  Unfortunately, they are every where!  Some are so bad they have what can be referred to as optical rectitus.  Okay, what the heck is that?


Okay, not my normal writing style, perhaps a little crass, but it gets the point across.  This is the ugly workamper that we don’t want joining the lifestyle.  They give workampers a bad name!


From the minute they show up at a new job, they complain about their RV site, their new boss, the people they work with, the guests or customers, and they infect everyone that they work with.  It is easier for the ugly workamper to shift other workamper’s paradigms then for them to hold fast to a better one.


I have worked with many like this!  They had a severe case of optical rectitus!  Fortunately they did not last long.  Their poor attitude toward work and co-workers pretty much always cooked their goose!  They usually wound up being asked to leave.  But, this left the employer with an employee shortage.  So they had to scramble to fill positions in a usually busy time of year.


That is where the ugly workamper really ruins the lifestyle for others. Because the employers are asking themselves, “why do we want to hire these folks when we can just hire local employees and not have to deal with this!”


You can still have this problem with regular employees too!   This just means that workampers are going to be losing out on these great jobs that exist in great places if we are not better than the average employee choices out there!


Most workampers are coming from great distances to a new job.  The employers have to take the word of their resume as to their work experience and job performance.  But, if employers hire locally they have a better chance to screen potential employees.


So What Am I Saying?


If you are new to workamping, or are an experienced workamper, be sure you are bringing value to your employer!  Have a great attitude every day, get along with everyone as best you can, check your attitude at the door, work as a team, and just have fun!


Be the best workamper employee you can be!  Fulfill every aspect of your workamper contract!  When you leave be sure you get a reference so you can use that to secure your next job.  Let’s be sure the ugly workamper does not have a chance to get the job that you would be so much better at! They usually don’t come with references!


Workamping is the best lifestyle there is!!  We get to move our home on wheels to wherever we want to work.  We can stay a long time or we can move around a lot.  We meet people from all over the world!  We get to share in other people’s lives and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.


Go out there and be a good workamper.  Why not even be a great workamper!  I look forward to hearing your stories as you enjoy the lifestyle.  Leave a brief story below about your workamper experience!



Howard and Pam






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  1. Seasoned Workamper

    Amen. I don’t know if you’d call them ugly Workampers, but have worked with many who accept several jobs until a better one comes along. No wonder many campgrounds are just hiring from the community.

    1. Howard

      Thanks for checking in “Seasoned Workamper!” Yes, we need our fellow workampers to live up to their contracts! When they say are going to stay till a certain date, they need to honor that commitment unless it is because of a true emergency.

  2. Jane Smith

    I really like your website, but holy crap, you use way too many exclamation points! Honestly, it hurts the eyes! to! see! practically! every! sentence! ending! this way! (my subtle way of getting the point across)

    Having been an “ugly” poster, I do want to say that your website is a real boon for those of us looking into the lifestyle.

    1. Howard

      Hi, Jane!

      LOL! Yes, I love the ! and have been accused of over usage. But, you know what? It is my website and I can say whatever I like. LOL!

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